Psychic Char & Healthy Chicken Pot Pie Recipe: Dr Oz July 3 2012 Recap


Dr Oz July 3 2012

What happens when we die? Do you believe that we have a chance to communicate from the other side? A lot of folks do, including the Long Island Medium, Teresa Caputo, who was featured this season on Dr Oz. The Dr Oz July 3 2012 show featured a visit from another psychic, Char Margolis, who has cultivated a popular following for years. Check out her visit with Dr Oz, and shop for some great new must have kitchen gadgets featured on the show. Here are the segments from Dr Oz July 3 2012.

Char Margolis Psychic Readings: Real Or Fake?



Healthy Chicken Pot Pie Recipe: Dr Oz July 3 2012

Dr Oz July 3 2012 featured a healthy Chicken Pot Pie recipe and intuition secrets from psychic Char Margolis.

Live With Kelly recently featured Char as a guest for Psychic Week. Do you believe in the power of psychics to communicate with spirits from other dimensions? What do you believe really happens to us after we die? Those are some big questions, and though psychics don’t necessarily claim to have all the answers, they at least raise enough of the right questions to get people’s attention over time. Char even performed some readings for audience members on the show.

Dr Oz: Char Margolis Psychic Reading Reviews & Life After Death


Char Margolis Love Karma Review: Improve Love Intuition

Though psychics often refer to their powers as a gift, Char Margolis and others believe that intuition is a powerful force that any of us can tap into, if we are only willing to explore the boundaries and limits of the imagination. She shared some of her relationship insights with Dr Oz, and said that you can get more of her perspective on all this from her recent book, Love Intuition.

Dr Oz: Char Margolis Love Karma Review to Improve Love Intuition

Dr Oz: Red Yeast Extract Pills, Kelp Noodles & Coconut Flour

If you are trying to keep tabs on your Cholesterol, you’re part of a growing number of Americans with this health concern. Dr Oz’s guest highlighted some helpful dietary products you can add to your regimen to help keep your Cholesterol in check. Find out about the benefits of Red Yeast Extract, Kelp Noodles, Coconut Flour and more.

Dr Oz: Red Yeast Extract Pills, Kelp Noodles & Coconut Flour

Kitchen Gadget Reviews: Dip Clip, Healthy Meatloaf Baker & Fat Magnet

Another great diet idea is finding creative ways to keep the fat off your favorite snacks and meals, which Dr Oz suggested doing through the use of some creative fat fighting kitchen gadgets. Check out Dip Clips, the Fat Magnet, and Bluapple Packets for yourself.

Dr Oz: Dip Clip, Healthy Meatloaf Baker & Fat Magnet Kitchen Gadgets

Alex Guarnaschelli’s Healthy Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Chicken Pot Pie is a staple of American comfort food, but some versions can really add on the extras that could ruin a diet. Check out the version Alex Guarnaschelli made for Dr Oz and try out his Healthy Chicken Pot Pie Recipe the next time you’re in the mood for a tasty and healthy meal.

Dr Oz: Alex Guarnaschelli’s Chicken Pot Pie Recipe Made Healthy


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