Pretty Thin Pro-Ana Website & Anorexia Diary: Dr Oz June 13 2012 Recap


Dr Oz June 13 2012

The Dr Oz Anorexia episode shared a variety of opinions about the Anorexia eating disorder that can affect men and women of all ages. Learn about the controversy surrounding Pro-Anorexia Websites such as Pretty Thin. Discover the Anorexic Support available to sufferers, and the results of the Dr Oz Anorexia Intervention. Here are all the hot topics from the special Dr Oz June 13 2012 show.

Dr Oz Anorexia: Pro-Anorexia Websites & Anorexia Warning Signs

Anorexia Treatment & Rehab: Dr Oz June 13 2012 Recap

The Dr Oz June 13 2012 show offered Anorexia treatment & rehab to women battling the eating disorder.

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