Miracle Energy Drinks & Flat Tummy Foods: Dr Oz August 22 2012 Recap


Dr Oz August 22 2012

The Dr Oz August 22 2012 show opened our eyes to the truth about energy drinks. Do they really deliver on what they promise? If you’re concerned about the sugar or caffeine, check out some other alternatives featured on the show. Plus, get a unique Octopus recipe and find the answers to Flat Tummy Foods Jeopardy. This is the Dr Oz August 22 2012 recap.

Miracle Energy Drinks: Caffeine & Sugar Content

Miracle Energy Drinks: Dr Oz August 22 2012 Recap

The Dr Oz August 22 2012 show revealed the facts about miracle energy drinks and your health.


Do you really know what you’re getting when you grab that quick energy drink in the checkout line? Who has time to read the nutrition labels when you are on the go? That’s why Dr Oz did a little digging and found out there is no FDA regulation of energy drinks. How do they stack up to coffee, and how can you truly know whether they are safe?

Dr Oz: Energy Drinks Vs Coffee Caffeine & Energy Drinks Sugar Content

Energy Drink Alternatives: Glutamine Smoothie Recipe & Lemon Lime Water

Skip the additives and mystery ingredients if you want a fresher approach to staying hydrated and quenching your thirst. Dr Oz shared some ideas for alternatives to energy drinks or soda, including Lemon Lime Water and a Glutamine Smoothie Recipe. The best part is, these drinks don’t cost $3 each.


Glutamine Smoothie Recipe & Lemon Lime Water: Dr Oz Drink Recipes

Cold Weather Skin Care: Beeswax Lip Balm & Wrinkle Cream

You may be sweating out the final days of summer, but the biting wind of winter is just a few months away. (Don’t remind me!) Did you know that the weather outside has a bearing on your skin care routine? Make sure you are taking the right steps at different times of year to prevent premature skin aging so you can look your best year-round.

Dr Oz: Beeswax Lip Balm & Wrinkle Cream: Skin Care & Weather

Grilled Octopus Recipe with Frisee & Mustard Vinaigrette

Bizarre Foods star Andrew Zimmern visited Dr Oz to talk about his world travels and the exotic dishes he’s made a career of bringing to our attention. He even showed how to make one of them, and you can get the recipe. Check out Andrew Zimmern’s Grilled Octopus Recipe, with Frisee & Mustard Vinaigrette.

Dr Oz: Grilled Young Octopus with Frisee & Mustard Vinaigrette Recipe

Dr Oz Jeopardy: Flat Tummy Foods

Did you know that certain snacks can actually help you shape your stomach? It’s true, and Dr Oz showed which ones you should stock up on so you always have something slimming to munch on. To make the conversation more engaging, he and audience members played a game of Jeopardy to reveal these snack facts. I’ll take Dark Chocolate for $500, Dr Oz!

Dr Oz Jeopardy: Almonds, Olives, Dark Chocolate & Flat Tummy Foods


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