Melanoma, Pancreatic & Esophageal Cancer: Dr Oz August 14 2012 Recap


Dr Oz August 14 2012

Dr Oz August 14 2012 was an informative hour about how you can detect and prevent cancer. The underlying message is that early warnings are key, and sometimes there are no symptoms until it’s too late. Check out the definitive cancer guides featured on this show, and share them with the people you love to spread the knowledge. Take the steps to protect yourself from a deadly cancer diagnosis. Here are the cancer guides shared in the Dr Oz August 14 2012 episode.

Dr Oz: Pancreatic Cancer Guide

Cancer Guides: Dr Oz August 14 2012 Recap

The Dr Oz August 14 2012 episode was a cancer guide to various forms of the disease, and how to prevent them or detect them early for the best treatment options.


Pancreatic Cancer is virtually undetectable in the early stages, because its anatomical location is obscured by the surrounding organs. Find out what puts people at risk for this deadly form of cancer, how you can protect yourself, and ways it can be caught early. Plus, the Indian spice Circumin could help you prevent Pancreatic Cancer.

Dr Oz: Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms, Risk Factors & Curcumin Fighters

Dr Oz: Brain Cancer Guide

Dr Oz discussed connections with Brain Cancer regarding cell phone usage and chronic headaches. Find out the tips he suggested for lowering your risk, as well as what factors you should take into consideration if you think you might be at risk for Brain Cancer.


Is My Headache Brain Cancer? Dr Oz Brain Cancer Risk Factors

Dr Oz: Esophageal Cancer Guide

Heartburn seems harmless, but what would you do if it turned into Esophageal Cancer? That is a definite possibility in some circumstances. Find out why coffee and cigarettes are a deadly combination when it comes to this form of cancer, and learn how to lower your risks. Learn about a gateway disease called Barrett’s Esophagus.

Dr Oz: Esophageal Cancer Risk Assessment & Barrett’s Esophagus

Dr Oz: Liver Cancer Guide

The Liver is one of the body’s most amazing organs, because it has the power to regenerate itself. But its biggest asset is also a weakness when it comes to detecting Liver Cancer. Learn the warning signs so you can pay attention to your body. Also, find out how the Hepatitis B vaccine could prevent Liver Cancer.

Liver Cancer Risk Assessment: Hepatitis B Vaccine for Liver Cancer

Dr Oz: Melanoma Skin Cancer Guide

Melanoma is a common form of skin cancer, but you could save your own life using just a pencil. Check out the ABCDE test featured on Dr Oz’s show to help you evaluate your own moles at home. Learn how to watch for and track changes, and which types of moles are the most dangerous.

Dr Oz: 10 Second Melanoma Pencil Test & Skin Cancer Risk Factors


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