Long Island Medium Season 3 & Orthaheels: Dr Oz August 20 2012 Recap


Dr Oz August 20 2012

Have you seen the hit series Long Island Medium? It was a hot topic on Dr Oz August 20 2012, as the host checked in with Theresa Caputo, who showcases her ability to communicate with the dead. See for yourself what she did with Dr Oz’s audience, and decide if you think she is for real. This episode also featured footwear advice and other great home remedies. Check out everything from Dr Oz August 20 2012.

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo: Fake or Talks to the Dead?

Long Island Medium: Dr Oz August 20 2012 Recap

Theresa Caputo from Long Island Medium explained her gift on Dr Oz August 20 2012.


Theresa Caputo is the unlikely reality star of Long Island Medium, which is gearing up for a third season on TLC. She explained how she came to be a psychic, how she speaks to the dead, and why she thinks her gift is important. She even did readings for some members of the Dr Oz audience. What do you think about her abilities?

Dr Oz: Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo Fake or Talks to the Dead?

Theresa Caputo: Automatic Writing & How to Talk to the Dead

The Long Island Medium said that getting in touch with the spirit world is something that almost anyone can do. She shared how she uses techniques such as meditation and Automatic Writing to help strengthen her bond with the other side. Theresa Caputo said you can try these techniques at home. New episode from season 3 of Long Island Medium premiere September 9 2012 on TLC.


Dr Oz: Theresa Caputo: How to Talk to the Dead & Automatic Writing

Orthaheels Review: Dr Oz’s Flip Flop Avoids Plantar Fasciitis

If you’ve been wearing flip flops all summer long, your feet are probably a little worse for the wear. Dr Oz shared some advice about how to pick out the most comfortable and healthy sandals for your feet, such as Orthaheels, so you don’t have to stress or develop surprising foot problems.

Orthaheels Review: Dr Oz’s Flip Flop Avoids Plantar Fasciitis

Cayenne Pepper Horseradish Nasal Spray Allergy Remedy

Have you figured out what triggers your allergies? Since we can’t all go on vacation and skip town during the worst parts of allergy season, Dr Oz and his guest figured out a few other remedies you can try, such as Cayenne Pepper Horseradish Nasal Spray. It may sound painful, but apparently it really gets the job done.

Dr Oz: Cayenne Pepper Horseradish Nasal Spray Allergy Remedy

Squatty Potty & Dr Scholl’s Mini Massager Reviews

Dr Oz showed off his best toilet posture that he said can help you go more comfortably. Check out the product reviews for the Squatty Potty and Dr Scholl’s Mini Massager featured in this episode. Plus, how Castor Oil can help soothe your aching muscles.

Dr Oz: Squatty Potty, Dr Scholl’s Massager & Castor Oil Wrap


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