Green Coffee Bean Extract & Paula Abdul RSD: Dr Oz August 27 2012 Recap


Dr Oz August 27 2012

Dr Oz August 27 2012 featured an intimate conversation with entertainer Paula Abdul. She opened up to Dr Oz about a rare medical condition that she struggles to manage in her life. Plus, learn about the weight loss benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract and what to know before going out for dinner this week. Here’s what you missed on Dr Oz August 27 2012.

Dr Oz: Paula Abdul Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)

Paula Abdul RSD: Dr Oz August 27 2012 Recap

Paula Abdul shared her Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy story with Dr Oz August 27 2012. (Helga Esteb /


Dancer and TV star Paula Abdul is no stranger to public scrutiny about her personal life. But she was ready to put the rumors to rest, and she spoke candidly with Dr Oz about the condition that has plagued her for years, and the symptoms that are partly to blame for her sometimes strange behavior. What would you do if you had Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy?

Dr Oz: RSD or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy: Paula Abdul’s Struggle

Paula Abdul Fembody Activator Straight Up Supplements Review

Paula Abdul has made her own tweaks to Dr Oz’s Green Drink recipe, and she shared her adapted version with the audience. She also talked about her work with Fembody Activator Straight Up Supplements, explaining why she stands behind the products. Earlier this year, she held a viewer contest with Dr Oz, but since this is an encore presentation, the contest has come to an end.


Dr Oz: Paula Abdul Sweepstakes, Fembody Supplements & Green Drink

Green Coffee Bean Extract Dr Oz: Weight Loss Study vs Liposuction

Green Coffee Bean Extract has been a hot topic this year, and even coffee chain Starbucks is getting in on the high energy weight loss action. Dr Oz had experts put it to the test, and he shared some fascinating research about the weight loss benefits of these little green giants. Find out how alternatives stack up to conventional plastic surgery techniques.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Dr Oz: Weight Loss Study vs Liposuction

Dr Oz: Ginger Blitz Cocktail Recipe & The Tools Review

Stop waiting for success to happen on its own and start making your own dreams come true. That’s the message of The Tools, a new motivational book, and its authors brought their ideas to Dr Oz’s audience. They also teamed up with Dr Oz to share some unique approaches to finding more energy and brainpower to fuel your pursuits, such as a Moroccan spice blend and a Ginger Blitz Cocktail Recipe.

Dr Oz: The Tools Book Review & Ginger Blitz Cocktail Recipe

Dr Oz: Dirty Restaurant Secrets

Dr Oz loves to share behind the scenes info about our food and health, but sometimes you might find out things you didn’t want to know. He looked inside some restaurant kitchens with expert Jeffrey Saad, and the results were disturbing. Learn about when you are most likely to contract food poisoning and how you could be getting sick before your drinks even make it to the table.

Dr Oz: Poop Found on Menus & Food Poisoning Risks Higher at Night


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