Green Coffee Bean Extract & Oz Watch: Dr Oz September 10 2012 Recap


Dr Oz September 10 2012

The Dr Oz September 10 2012 show was the season four premiere for America’s favorite doctor. But he had some tough topics on his mind, including the buzz about Green Coffee Bean Extract and a consumer scam that he said is misleading viewers everywhere. Check out these segments from Dr Oz September 10 2012.

Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Work? Supplement Study

Green Coffee Bean Extract: Dr Oz September 10 2012 Recap

Dr Oz September 10 2012 included a study of Green Coffee Bean Extract weight loss results and how companies are misleading Dr Oz fans.


Dr Oz first talked about Green Coffee Bean Extract on his show last spring. Over the summer, the supplement has been making headlines and gaining popularity, sometimes leading to scrutiny for Dr Oz himself. He responded with a TV first: a studio audience who was in on a scientific study of the supplement.

Dr Oz: Green Coffee Bean Extract Weight Loss Diet Results

Dr Oz got 100 women to participate in his research study of Green Coffee Bean Extract. They took the 400 mg supplement three times each day, 30 minutes before each meal. Did it work? Find out how much weight the women lost, and what happened when they learned who got the placebo vs the real thing.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Warnings: What To Watch Out For

If you are ready to try Green Coffee Bean Extract for yourself, heed Dr Oz’s warnings before heading to the store. He talked about people he said shouldn’t be taking this product. Plus, find out what should be on the label of any effective Green Coffee Extract product, according to Dr Oz.


Are You Being Duped? How Marketers Manipulate Dr Oz Viewers

Dr Oz was shocked to learn about a big problem that is making him really mad. Companies are using his name and image to sell anything and everything under the sun. He learned from an Internet expert how easy it is to create a bogus ad, and how many websites out there could be scamming Dr Oz viewers.

Oz Watch: Help Dr Oz Prevent Scams In Retail Stores & Online

It’s not just Internet companies that are making money off of Dr Oz’s reputation. Retail stores use his photo in displays of products supposedly endorsed by Dr Oz. Find out how he is taking action to get his good name back and prevent more viewers from being misled. Plus, learn how you can help if you see a Dr Oz ad you don’t think is legitimate.


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