Green Coffee Bean Extract & GLA Reviews: Dr Oz July 30 2012 Recap


Dr Oz July 30 2012

Dr Oz July 30 2012 has a plan to help you shape up and slim down in just seven days. If anyone can help you get there, it’s Dr Oz. He recommended making diet tweaks and adding supplements to your routine, such as Green Coffee Bean Extract. Plus, Stacy Cox showed off some hot new beauty trends to help you look even slimmer. Check out these segments from Dr Oz July 30 2012.

7 Day Fat Busters: GLA, Chitosan & Calcium Pyruvate

Green Coffee Bean Extract: Dr Oz July 30 2012 Recap

Dr Oz July 30 2012 talked about the hot new Green Coffee Bean Extract trend that's even sweeping into Starbucks products. Also, check out his low calorie recipes for classic American fare like chicken wings.


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