Flatbread Pizza & Favorite Diet Recipes: Dr Oz August 2 2012 Recap


Dr Oz August 2 2012

The Dr Oz August 2 2012 episode is something that everyone can get excited about. Discover Dr Oz’s “Eat This, Weigh Less” food swaps. Tweak recipes for your favorite dishes to make them more diet friendly, and you’ll get great results without feeling deprived. Check out Dr Oz’s recipes, bargain buys to stock up on at your drugstore, and even the importance of getting to know your pharmacist. Here are the segments from Dr Oz August 2 2012.

Skinny Jeans Slider Burgers, Naan Flatbread Pizza & Fish Taco Recipes

Flatbread Pizza Recipe: Dr Oz August 2 2012 Recap

Dr Oz August 2 2012 shared diet recipes for Flatbread Pizza, Slider Burgers and other healthy versions of favorite classic foods.


Dr Oz pitted three chefs against one another in a contest to recreate the healthiest, tastiest version of a popular meal. Find out how Naan Pizza, Fish Tacos, and Slider Burgers stacked up in the taste test and the calorie test. Plus, get these recipes to make them yourself.

Dr Oz: Skinny Jeans Slider Burgers, Naan Pizza & Fish Taco Recipes

Hot Artichoke Spinach Dip & Potato Skins Diet Recipes

Dr Oz’s food tweaks didn’t end there. He also tackled some of the most uniquely American appetizers we can’t seem to get enough of. Find out how to cut down on the calories and guilt from Artichoke Spinach Dip and Potato Skins, with half the calories you’d get in a restaurant serving.


Dr Oz: Hot Artichoke Spinach Dip & Potato Skins Diet Recipes

Drugstore Best Buy Bargains

Couldn’t you use an extra $100 in your budget every month? Dr Oz and Lisa Lee Freeman showed how you can get that money back by shopping at a drugstore. Find out how to get the best deals on everyday essentials such as toothpaste and makeup. A penny saved may not seem like much these days, but each one can add up to big savings.

Dr Oz: Lisa Lee Freeman’s Drugstore Best Buy Bargains

What to Ask Your Pharmacist

Do you have any questions for the pharmacist? You might want to think twice before you automatically reply “no” at the prescription counter. Learn how your pharmacist can be a part of your health team, and find out what to ask to make the most of this healthcare opportunity.

Dr Oz: Stacia Woodcock’s Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist

I4U Glasses, Alka Seltzer Bug Bite Remedy & Pencil Headache Cure

Are you tired of headaches or need a quick fix for bug bites? Dr Oz shared some quick solutions that can address common health concerns, including Urinary Tract Infections. Get results fast with Dr Oz’s instant remedies.

Dr Oz: I4U Glasses, Alka Seltzer Bug Bite Remedy & Pencil Headache Cure


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