Flat Belly Dessert & Snack Attack Recipes: Dr Oz July 6 2012 Recap

Dr Oz July 6 2012

The Dr Oz July 6 2012 show featured a variety of options to help you eat more and still lose weight. It sounds like a dream, but Dr Oz explained how it helps control your appetite and metabolism to boost results. Check out his great snack recipes and the 5 Layer Dessert by Gail Simmons for ideas and inspiration. Dr Oz can even help you save calories on coffee without sacrificing taste. Check out all these great snack ideas and recipes from Dr Oz July 6 2012.

Snack Attack: Power Plate, Skinny Dip & Pizza Pocket Recipes

Dr Oz July 6 2012: Snack Attack Recipes

The Dr Oz July 6 2012 show featured Snack Attack Recipes to keep flavor high and calories low, including a 5 Layer Flat Belly Dessert and Pizza Popcorn.

The Dr Oz Snack Attack show was designed to help us rethink snacks with creative and tasty options. Dr Oz recommended getting a 200 calorie snack about two hours before you eat dinner. Check out the ideas he shared for the Prosciutto Power Plate, Skinny Dip and Chips, and the Mini Pizza Pocket. He also highlighted three of his own favorite low calorie treats.

Dr Oz’s Snack Attack: Power Plate, Skinny Dip & Pizza Pocket Recipes

Peanut Butter & Banana Quesadilla | Truffle, Popcorn & Onion Rings Recipes

There are lots of reasons and times throughout the day when we are prone to snack. That’s OK, as long as you are thoughtful about how it can affect your diet and health. Dr Oz shared some ways to spice up classic favorites, playing up their flavors while managing their caloric content. His magical treats included recipes for Onion Rings, Chocolate Truffles, Pizza Popcorn, and a Peanut Butter & Banana Quesadilla.

Dr Oz: Chewy Chocolate Truffle, Pizza Popcorn & Onion Rings Recipes

Maitake Mushroom Extract, Sage Leaf Tea & Glucomannan

These ideas didn’t involve snack recipes, but rather ways to extend your fat blasting benefits between meals. Dr Oz highlighted supplements and additives you can use all day long to help you stay in line with your health goals, including Glucomannan, Sage Leaf Tea, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Maitake Mushroom Extract.

Maitake Mushroom Extract, Sage Leaf Tea & Glucomannan: Dr Oz Weight Loss

Dr Oz & Gail Simmons: 5 Layer Flat Belly Dessert Recipe

Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Dr Oz and Top Chef‘s Gail Simmons shared a 5 Layer Flat Belly Dessert Recipe. It’s decadent and delicious, and it’s so easy that anyone could make it. Best of all, a one-cup serving has just 150 calories. Can you believe it?

Dr Oz & Gail Simmons: 5 Layer Flat Belly Dessert Recipe

Dr Oz Coffee: Starbucks Vs McDonald’s & Dunkin Donuts Vs Au Bon Pain

Dr Oz pitted national coffee chains against one another in a search for the healthiest coffee on the go. Check out low calorie recommendations from Starbucks, McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts and Au Bon Pain, to help you avoid the hidden calories that too often come with our morning coffee.

Starbucks Vs McDonald’s Coffee & Dunkin Donuts Vs Au Bon Pain Coffee

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