Feverfew Remedy & Dr Joe Mercola: Dr Oz July 5 2012 Recap


Dr Oz July 5 2012

The Dr Oz July 5 2012 episode explored some dissenting voices and alternative medical treatments. Do you believe everything your doctor tells you? One of Dr Oz’s guests said that you shouldn’t. The show also featured a variety of new, natural, and emerging treatment options for consideration. Here are the segments and information from Dr Oz July 5 2012.

Dr Oz Vs Dr Joe Mercola: Do Flu Shots Work?

Feverfew Remedy: Dr Oz July 5 2012

Dr Oz July 5 2012 featured a debate with Dr Joe Mercola, a Feverfew Remedy review & alternative therapy options.


Dr Joe Mercola is a controversial figure in medicine. He said his goal is to be a patient advocate, and he squared off with Dr Oz on a number of topics, including whether flu shots work. They also debated whether it is safe to get needed Vitamin D from a tanning bed and talked about the merits of Coconut Oil. Dr Oz was definitely open-minded during their discussion.

Dr Oz Vs Dr Joe Mercola: Flu Shots, Tanning Beds & Coconut Oil Reviews

Dr Joe Mercola: Drugs Not To Take

Dr Joe Mercola spent some more time discussing some of his alternative medical opinions, which often clash with established beliefs. He shared a list of Drugs Not To Take, including Antidepressants, Blood Pressure medication and Statins. He said that prescriptions treat symptoms, and he prefers to address the underlying causes of a condition.


Dr Oz: Drugs Not To Take: Antidepressants, Blood Pressure & Statins

Feverfew Migraine Review & Castor Oil Back Pain Remedy

If you deal with Chronic Pain, such as Migraine Headaches or Back Pain, Dr Oz’s next segment might have a new world of relief for you. He looked at some natural products that can be used as natural treatment remedies for Chronic Pain. Find out how Feverfew and Castor Oil could help you finally get control of your pain.

Dr Oz: Feverfew Migraine Review & Castor Oil Back Pain Remedy

Dr Oz: Is Ear Candling Safe? Should I Try Ginkgo Biloba?

Have you heard of Ear Candling? Dr Oz gave his perspective on some popular natural treatments. Find out the warning he had about the growing trend of Ear Candling. He also spoke about the research surrounding the popular supplement Ginkgo Biloba. Will he advise a man from the audience to try it out?

Dr Oz: Is Ear Candling Safe? Should I Try Ginkgo Biloba?

Moxa Spray, Ubiquinol, Bonito Peptides & Devil’s Claw Reviews

To conclude the show, Dr Oz highlighted some emerging treatments and therapies that could soon be household names. Find out the secrets to the success of Moxa Spray, Devil’s Claw, Bonito Peptides, and Ubiquinol. Have you heard of these products? Could any of them be right for you?

Dr Oz: Moxa Spray, Ubiquinol, Bonito Peptides & Devil’s Claw Reviews



  1. tina says

    what was the name of the ointment used on the lady for back and shoulder pain? It was brown and covered with syran wrap and then a heating pad for 30 minutes. This was on the July 5, 2012 show.

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