Fat-urday Diet Cheat Plan & Cocktail Recipes: Dr Oz July 16 2012 Recap


Dr Oz July 16 2012

Sticking to a diet doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. The Dr Oz July 16 2012 show not only gave you permission to cheat on your diet, but also a Fat-urday plan to do it the right way. Also, find out how to look thinner in jeans and get Dr Oz’s Skinny Cocktail recipes featured in the Dr Oz July 16 2012 show.

Dr Oz Fat-urday Diet Plan: How To Cheat On Your Diet

Fat-urday Diet Cheat Plan: Dr Oz July 16 2012 Recap

Dr Oz July 16 2012 featured a Fat-urday Diet Cheat Plan to help you lose more weight by breaking your diet.


The Dr Oz Fat-urday Diet Plan is based on the idea that we all need to give in to our cravings now and then. Find out Dr Oz’s guide to getting through your cheat day in a good way, so that you can actually lose more weight by cheating. Also, check out his Breakfast Wrap Recipe.

Dr Oz: Fat-urday Breakfast Wrap Recipe & How To Cheat On Your Diet

Diet Snack Swaps: Lucy’s Cookies, Green Tea Ice Cream & Taro Chips Reviews

Dr Oz shared his favorite Diet Snack Swaps to help you indulge your cravings while cutting down on calories. Find out how Taro Chips, Lucy’s Cookies, and Green Tea Ice Cream could be your next best friends. Also, check out what Dr Oz had to say about cheating with chocolate.


Dr Oz Snacks: Lucy’s Cookies, Green Tea Ice Cream & Taro Chips Reviews

Dr Oz: How To Look 10 Years Younger

After Dr Oz asked New Yorkers to guess a woman’s age, I’d have thought she would run away from the show and never look back. Instead, she came to Dr Oz for advice about how to take years off her appearance. Find out the comparison of Argireline Cream Vs Botox and learn to whip up the Tomato Exfoliating Mask Recipe from the show.

Dr Oz: Tomato Exfoliating Mask Recipe & Argireline Cream Vs Botox

How To Look Thinner In Jeans | June Ambrose Jeans Advice

Stylist June Ambrose wants women to feel better about themselves, and we all know that finding the right pair of jeans can be tricky. One of the models for this show went through two dozen pairs before finding a perfect fit. Find out the do’s and don’ts of picking out those great jeans that will make you feel more confident.

Dr Oz: How To Look Thinner In Jeans | June Ambrose Jeans Advice

Dr Oz Cocktail Recipes: Skinny Margarita & Skinny Sangria

Another thing you don’t have to deprive yourself of on a diet is alcohol. Dr Oz invited a drink expert to share some fresh and inventive ways to cut unwanted sugar and calories out of your favorite adult beverages. The only question is which you would like to try first: the Skinny Margarita Recipe or the Skinny Sangria Recipe.

Skinny Margarita Recipe & Skinny Sangria Recipe: Dr Oz Diet Cocktails


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