Dr Oz: Transgender Teen Jazz Jennings + Manage Mood Swings


Dr Oz July 22 2015 Recap

Dr Oz sat down with transgender teen Jazz Jennings to talk about growing up as a girl when she was born a boy. Then Dr Oz explained how you can finally manage your mood swings to avoid lashing out at those around you or winding up in an embarrassing situation.

Dr Oz: Transgender Teen Jazz Jennings + Manage Mood Swings

Dr Oz talked to Jazz Jennings about growing up transgender and then helped his viewers gain more control over their moods. (porsche-linn / flickr)


Dr Oz: Jazz Jennings, Growing Up Transgender + Time Magazine

Jazz Jennings, the teen who is touching lives everywhere, talked with Dr Oz about growing up transgender and learning to accept herself. Dr Oz also talked to her mother about raising and loving a child who wasn’t quite what she expected.

–> Dr Oz: Jazz Jennings, Growing Up Transgender + Time Magazine

Dr Oz: Control Your Mood Swings + Relieve Anger & Anxiety

If you’re constantly dealing with overwhelming emotions that seem to put you in a tough spot more than they should, Dr Oz shared some great tips for better controlling your emotions to avoid those rampant mood swings.


–> Dr Oz: Manage Your Mood Swings + Control Anxiety & Anger

Dr Oz: What Is Solar Water? + Popular Health Trends

Gisele Bundchen uses solar water, so that must mean it works right? Not so fast! Dr Oz revealed the truth about some popular celebrity health trends to find out which ones are worth your time and money.

–> Dr Oz: Celebrity Health Trends + Gisele Bundchen Solar Water

How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar: Foot Soak & Cleaner 

Dr Oz then shared some unique uses for apple cider vinegar that you may have never thought of yourself. Did you know there are plenty of uses for it outside of the kitchen?

–> Dr Oz: Uses For Apple Cider Vinegar + House Cleaner & Foot Soak

Dr Oz: Is A Longer Workout Best? + Spot Reducing & Other Fitness Myths

The longer the workout, the more benefits there are, right? What about spot reducing? Can you really get rid of that unwanted fat around your hips? Dr Oz faced some of the biggest fitness myths to find out which ones are true and which ones are a waste of your time.

–> Dr Oz: Workout Myths + Longer Means Better? & Spot Reducing


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