Dr Oz: The Chew Wine Stained Pasta Recipe & Grocery Secrets Exposed


Dr Oz June 5 2013 Recap

Did you ever think the supermarket might trying to trick you into buying products you don’t want? On Dr. Oz’s June 5 2013 episode, he explains all the supermarket secrets the grocers do not want you to know about. From playing music that makes you shop longer to changing the use-by dates on food, some of these tricks could even be harmful. Dr. Oz also explains why you might want to stay away from the free samples.

The cast of The Chew also stopped by during Dr. Oz’s June 5 2013 episode. They answered some personal questions and shared an easy to make pasta dish.


Dr. Oz: Grocery Store Can Change Use By Dates

Dr. Oz invited a New York City health inspector on the show to reveal all the supermarket secrets you should know about before going shopping. He went over topics ranging from how lights are used to make meat look fresh and the myth of the fresh baked bakery goods. (Hint, they aren’t fresh.)

Dr. Oz: Eggs Load Limit Line & Grocery Store Can Change Use By Dates?!

Dr. Oz Supermarket Tricks: Grocery Shop on Wednesday for Better Products

Dr Oz: The Chew Wine Stained Pasta Recipe & Grocery Secrets Exposed

Dr Oz June 5 2013 invited The Chew on the show to whip up a couple recipes and he revealed the secret tricks supermarkets use to make you spend more.


The supermarket is a business so it should come as no surprise they are trying to make the most money they can and sometimes they do it by tricking you into spending more. Dr. Oz goes over some of the tricks they use and explains why eating those free samples could set you back on your weight loss goals. Click the link below to find out how many calories are in one sample.

Dr. Oz Supermarket Tricks: Do Not Grocery Shop on Monday, Go Wednesday!

Dr. Oz: How To Clean Reusable Shopping Bags

Dr. Oz tested the inside of a few reusable shopping bags and the results were astounding. Click the link below to find out why, with what and how often you need to clean your shopping bag.

Dr. Oz Reusable Shopping Bags: Best Way to Clean & How Often To Do It

Dr. Oz: Clinton Kelly’s Hangover Cure

Dr. Oz invited the cast of The Chew onto his show to answer some personal questions as well as give their thoughts on the soda ban in New York City. He also finds out what each member of The Chew would eat if they were hung over.

Dr. Oz: Orange Soda + 2 Cheeseburgers = Hangover Cure By Clinton Kelly

Dr. Oz: Mario Batali Wine Stained Pasta & The Chew Cookbook Review

The Chew cook up a delicious pasta dish with wine as well as talk about their new cookbook.

Dr. Oz: The Chew Cookbook Review & Wine Stained Pasta by Mario Batali

Dr Oz: Michael Symon Salmon Recipe

Chef Michael Symon took on Dr. Oz’s challenge to make a healthy meal in under five minutes with only five ingredients that will cost under $5. Clink the link to find out what he made and to get the recipe.

Dr Oz: How Are You Feeling Today & Michael Symon’s Salmon Recipe


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