Dr Oz: Sweet Potato Burger & Vitamin E Reduces Risk of Alzheimer’s


Dr Oz June 7 2013 Recap

It may time to eradicate Alzheimer’s Disease. While it may not have seemed possible in the past, Dr. Oz’s guest on his June 7 2013 episode, Dr. Neal Barnard, said he has the three-step plan to prevent Alzheimer’s from taking a hold of your life.

Dr. Oz also revealed a fact most women already knew. Studies have shown the brain of a woman is superior to that of a man. Dr. Oz explained the reasons why and went over four supplements every women needs to take so they can be even smarter than they are now.


Dr Oz: Excess Amounts Of Iron, Zinc & Copper Can Cause Alzheimer’s

Dr Oz: Sweet Potato Burger & Vitamin E Reduces Risk of Alzheimer's

Dr Oz June 7 2013 shared his sweet potato burger recipe and explained his three step plan to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.

Dr. Neal Barnard believes the main reason people suffer from Alzheimer’s disease is because of an excess amount of metals like iron, zinc and copper in their diet. The excess metals are coming from everywhere. From our diets, from our cookware and even from some household products we use. Click the link below to find out why you shouldn’t need an iron, zinc or copper supplement.

Dr Oz: Excess Amounts of Copper, Zinc & Iron Can Cause Alzheimer’s


Dr Oz: Sweet Potato Recipe & Vitamin E Reduces Alzheimer’s Risk 70%

Dr. Barnard revealed the power foods he wants everyone to start eating and even shared his sweet potato burrito recipe with the audience. Then Dr. Oz explained how vitamin E can reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s by up to 70 percent. Click the link below to find out how.

Dr Oz: Vitamin E Reduces Alzheimer’s Risk 70% & Sweet Potato Recipe

Dr Oz: Grape Seed Extract Review & Women’s Brains vs Men’s Brains

Dr. Daniel Amen stopped by Dr. Oz to explain the differences in male and female brains, which ultimately means he told women how much smarter they are than men. He then proceeded to help them become even smarter when he shared the four supplements every woman needs to take. Dr. Oz closed out the episode by sharing how many calories are in some of favorite foods. The numbers may surprise you.

Dr Oz: Women’s Brains vs Men’s Brains & Grape Seed Extract Review


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