Dr Oz: Soy Based Diet Guidelines & Dr G Medical Examiner Case Files


Dr Oz June 17 2013 Recap

Dr. Oz June 17 2013 invited Dr. Jan Garavaglia on the show to give everyone a glimpse inside a medical examiner’s room, the room where they determine the cause of death for  a person. He also had a lot of health knowledge he wanted to share with Dr. Oz’s audience. Then Dr. Oz revealed the truth about soy diet foods. They might not work as well as you think.

Dr Oz & Dr G: Blood Clot Causes & Medical Examiner Autopsy Examination

Dr Oz: Soy Based Diet Guidelines & Dr G Medical Examiner Case Files

Dr. Oz June 17 2013 talked with Dr. G Medical Examiner about some of his case files and then he shared his soy based diet guidelines with the audience.


Dr. Oz and Dr. G Medical Examiner teamed up to find the truth behind three cases of death. The first case they looked at didn’t make much sense but it did have to do with weight gain. Always remember, any extra weight can significantly change your health.

Dr Oz & Dr G: Medical Examiner Autopsy Examination & Blood Clot Causes

Dr Oz: Dr G Case Files – Internal Bleeding & NSAIDs Cause Ulcers

The next case the two doctors looked at was probably a big surprise to a lot of people. It had to do with over-the-counter pain relievers and the effects they have on the body. Click the link below to find out how they could be causing internal bleeding ulcers that could kill you.


Dr Oz: Dr G Case Files – NSAIDs Cause Ulcers & Internal Bleeding

Dr Oz: Hypertension Heart Health & High Blood Pressure Sudden Death

The final case of the day had to do with high blood pressure but this was an extreme case where the high blood pressure actually killed the person. Click the link below to find out how you can prevent it from happening to you.

Dr Oz: High Blood Pressure Sudden Death & Hypertension Heart Health

Dr Oz: Truth About Soy – Estrogen, Soy Breast Cancer & Thyroid Risk

The only thing people want to know about soy is if it is safe. Dr. Oz reveals the answer.

Dr Oz: Truth About Soy – Soy Breast Cancer, Thyroid Risk & Estrogen

Dr Oz Soy Diet Foods: Whole Bean Soy Milk, Tempeh & Edamame

You just found out soy is not always good for you so what can you to replace soy in your diet? Dr. Oz shared his soy based diet guide with the audience to keep them on track when it comes time to hit the grocery store.

Dr Oz Soy Based Diet: Tempeh, Edamame & Whole Bean Soy Milk

Dr Oz: Leg Exercise For Long Lines

Shopping during the holidays can be hard to do if you don’t listen to Dr. Oz’s advice. He has the tips and tricks you need to stay out of long lines and get the present you want. As a bonus perk, you are always going to burn some calories with all the walking you do.

Dr Oz: Heavy Shopping Bags & Blood Flow Leg Exercise For Long Lines


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