Dr Oz Recap May 3 2012


Dr Oz May 3 2012

He’s been a popular past guest and former TV host himself. Today, Montel Williams returned to Dr Oz’s show to reveal how watching the show has helped him overcome a lifelong health struggle. Plus, just in time for summer, get your skin care and hair maintenance tips.

Dr Oz: Montel Williams Breast Cancer & Emotional Eating

Dr Oz: Montel's Journey

Montel Williams shared his journey of coping with Body Image & Emotional Eating in the hopes of helping others. (Image Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Montel Williams is not shy about sharing his personal health battles with MS and Depression. Today, he added some new challenges to the list: Body Image and Emotional Eating. See how a misdiagnosis of Breast Cancer decades ago could be partly responsible for this ongoing struggle.

Dr Oz: Montel Williams Breast Cancer vs Gynecomastia & Emotional Eating

Dr Oz: Montel William’s Emotional Eating Plan: Kola Nut & Happy Hunger Chews

Taking the first steps in any life change can be a struggle. But learning to manage your emotions can keep you from binge eating when times get tough. Learn how Montel has coped with troubling emotions and see if his advice could work for you.


Dr Oz: Montel’s Emotional Eating Plan: Kola Nut & Happy Hunger Chews

Dr Oz: Montel’s Workout Plan & Lavender Spray for Sleep

Regular workout routines have changed Montel’s life. Now he’s sharing home workouts you can try for targeted weight loss at your body’s problem areas. Also, check out his natural sleep remedies to get your beauty rest.

Dr Oz: Montel’s Exercise Workout Plan & Lavender Spray for Sleep

Dr Oz: Flaxseed Oil Dry Skin Remedy

Do you need to change up your beauty routine for summer? Are you using the right moisturizer? Dr Oz’s guest debunks skin care myths and shares advice that’s good year round. Find out the truth behind popular misconceptions and learn how to hydrate your skin.

Dr Oz: Eucerin Moisturizer & Flaxseed Oil Dry Skin Remedy

Dr Oz: Brown Sugar Hair Scrub & Hair Color Remedies

Do you struggle to manage your frizzy, out of control hair? Are you having trouble keeping the color after getting your hair dyed? Learn what you can do about these common hair complaints so you can keep it looking great.

Dr Oz: Brown Sugar Avocado Oil Hair Scrub & Hair Dye Color Remedies


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