Dr Oz Recap May 1 2012


Dr Oz May 1 2012

Doctor Oz has been giving health and medical advice on TV for years, but no matter how long he does it, there are always some popular questions and topics that keep coming up. Viewers voted on their most important health issues.

Today, Dr Oz counted down the top five concerns, and shared some of his greatest finds with the audience. Learn about how you can purchase or enter to win the products from today’s show. Plus, unscramble the mystery word for a chance to win a luxury vacation.


Dr Oz: Island Vacation Giveaway

Check out today's recaps for great products & find out how you can win a tropical vacation getaway.

Dr Oz Free Giveaways: Tanda, Fitbit & Eau de Lite

Are you looking for ways to fight the aging process? This was the #5 topic on viewers’ minds, and Dr Oz shared some ways you can reduce the signs of aging to keep yourself looking and feeling young.

Dr Oz Free Giveaways: Clarisonic, Tanda, Fitbit, Eau de Lite & Omega


Dr Oz Free Giveaways: Sodastream & Keurig Coffee

Do you need an Energy Boost? You’re not alone, because this was the #4 most requested topic among viewers. Check out the advice Dr Oz gave about how much coffee you should be drinking, and other ways you can get your energy fix throughout the day.

Dr Oz Free Giveaways: Sodastream Fizz & Keurig Vue Brewing System

Dr Oz: Spoonk Mat Giveaway & Healthy CFL Light Bulbs

Alternative medicine has always been a popular topic with audiences and guests of the show. See the selection of alternative products, including ways you can improve your health by changing out your light bulbs.

Dr Oz: Spoonk Acupressure Mat & Purely Products Healthy CFL Light Bulbs

Dr Oz: Nuttzo Peanut Free Butter & Binaural Beats Sleepphones

Getting a good night’s sleep was the #2 concern on everyone’s list. That’s why Dr Oz looked at how everything from your bedtime snack to the pillow you’re sleeping on, and even what you’re listening to at bedtime, can help you get to dreamland.

Dr Oz: Nuttzo Peanut Free Butter & Binaural Beats Sleepphones

Dr Oz: Sony W Series Walkman, Rescue Remedy & Jumpsport Trampoline

Reducing stress is key to a long and healthy life. Dr Oz revealed some instant stress busters, including the newest wireless Walkman, how jumping on the trampoline could make you sleep better, and instant stress relief on the go.

Dr Oz: Sony W Series Walkman, Rescue Remedy & Jumpsport Trampoline


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