Dr Oz Recap April 2 2012


Dr Oz April 2 2012

Learn how to avoid common mistakes and scams in the aisles of your grocery store. Plus, how to get the whole family involved in eating healthier, and how to turn box cake mixes into culinary creations. Use these links to get all the details.

Dr Oz: Supermarket Guide

Dr Oz: Supermarket Guide

Use Dr Oz's supermarket guide to shop smarter and healthier for your family.


Learn what to look for and what to avoid on your next trip to the grocery store. What’s the best way to vary your protein throughout the week? And what are some new healthy snack options you should try in place of high calorie guilty pleasures?

Dr Oz’s Supermarket Survival Guide – Diet Grocery Shopping List

Dr Oz: Supermarket Secrets

Did you know that the direction you travel through the grocery store can predict how much you will spend? Plus, find out why the huge displays might not be the best deals in your store. A supermarket insider reveals industry secrets.


Dr Oz’s Supermarket Secrets: Organic Food Label Tricks & More

Dr Oz BMI Calculation

As Dr. Oz gets ready to wrap up the Transformation Nation, find out the deadline for you to do your final Weigh In. Plus, tips to keep the whole family on track to being active and eating healthier. Learn the ways you can make it a fun bonding time.

Dr Oz Body Mass Index (BMI) & Transformation Nation Million Dollar You

Dr Oz: Ham & Turkey Stromboli Recipe

Weight Watchers leader Liz Josefsberg brought her kids to help make a delicious and healthy Stromboli recipe that you can try on your family. Find out how you can customize this and recreate the tasty results at home.

Dr Oz: Stromboli Recipe by Liz Josefsberg of Weight Watchers

Dr Oz Box Cake Mix Recipes

There is an art to turning the generic box cake mix into something special. Three Dr. Oz viewers put their recipes to to the test today, but only one emerged victorious. Get all the recipes for today’s creative cakes.

Dr Oz Boxed Cake Mix Recipes: Olive Oil Zucchini Cake Recipe Won


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