Dr Oz: Metabolism Boosting Plan to Lose 20 Pounds & Preventing Anger


Dr Oz February 7 2013

Dr. Oz teamed up with nutritionist Haylie Pomroy to go over her metabolism checklist to figure out if you are in a metabolic slump and she covered her metabolism boosting plan which she says can help you lose 20 pounds in just four weeks.

Dr. Oz also went over how to stop your anger from flaring up. Sometimes it could be something subtle like Seasonal Affective Disorder or allergies that make you fly into a rage.

Dr Oz Metabolism Checklist, Age Slows Metabolism & Avoid Fat-Free Food

Dr. Oz and nutritionist Haylie Pomroy went over her metabolism checklist to help you find out if you are in a metabolism slump. They also gave their suggestions for speeding up your metabolism. Click the link below to find out how to turbo charge your metabolism.

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