Dr Oz: Joan Rivers on Husband’s Suicide & Healthy Chip Maker Review


Dr Oz April 2 2013 Recap

Dr. Oz had a very revealing interview with Joan Rivers April 2 2013. The two talked about the number of cosmetic surgeries she has had over the years, they talked about her bulimia and they discussed how her husband’s suicide changed her life and the life of her daughter.

Dr. Oz also talked about ways to improve your Feng Shui to get a better night’s sleep and he looked at some cool kitchen gadgets that make cooking exciting, easier and healthier.

Dr Oz: Joan Rivers Bulimia was Fabulous & Number of Cosmetic Surgeries

Dr. Oz sat down with Joan Rivers to talk about her bulimia, which she said was fabulous, her husband committing suicide and she revealed how many cosmetic surgeries she has undergone.

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