Dr Oz: Hydrogen Peroxide First Aid & Chicken Soup Cold Remedy Myth?


Dr Oz December 26 2012

Dr Oz December 26 2012 was a fun hour of answers to questions we all think we know the answers to. Is the five-second rule legitimate? How does water help you lose weight? Is the chicken soup cold remedy a myth? Find out how Dr Oz separated fact from fiction in this episode.

Dr Oz: Does Eating Fat Make You Fat?

Dr Oz: Hydrogen Peroxide First Aid & Chicken Soup Cold Remedy Myth?

Dr Oz December 26 2012 revealed if the chicken soup cold remedy is fact or myth; water vs coffee for weight loss; is hydrogen peroxide safe for first aid?


Dr Oz and Science Bob teamed up to tackle some of the biggest health and diet myths out there. Does eating fat make you fat? What really happens when you skip breakfast, and what are you doing to your thyroid? Find out what’s real and what is a myth.

Dr Oz: Eating Fat Makes You Fat? Breakfast & Thyroid Diet Myths

Dr Oz: Water Weight Loss Myth Or Reality

If you are struggling to figure out how to lose a few pounds, or how you gained them in the first place, fear not. Doctor Oz explained whether coffee vs water is better for helping you lose weight. This information could help you recharge and reevaluate in time for New Year’s Resolutions.


Dr Oz Diet Myths: Does Coffee Help Weight Loss? Water Weight Loss Myth

Dr Oz: Chicken Soup Cold Remedy Myth?

For generations, we have believed that chicken soup helps to cure colds. Could this be another popular myth? Dr Oz had the answer. Plus, find out whether you can avoid gaining weight as a part of the aging process.

Dr Oz: Chicken Soup Cures Colds? Do You Gain More Weight With Age?

Dr Oz: Hydrogen Peroxide for First Aid?

Should you keep a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in your first aid kit? It’s a common question, but does that mean it is true or false? Also, learn the menstruation myth that is so prevalent that Dr Oz said he learned it in medical school. Find out why it is false.

Dr Oz: Green Snot, Hydrogen Peroxide First Aid & Menstrual Myths

Dr Oz: An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away?

It may be some of the earliest health advice we give our kids: an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But is there any truth to the old saying? Also, settle your bets on the five second rule once and for all with a definitive answer about whether it’s safe to eat something you dropped.

Dr Oz Debunks Myths: 5 Second Rule & Apple a Day Keeps The Doctor Away


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