Dr Oz: Heroin Epidemic + Do Smart Drugs Really Work?


Dr Oz September 29 2015 Recap

On his Tuesday September 29 episode, Dr Oz tackled the heroin epidemic by talking to families who had been hit by it first hand. Then, he put nootropics, or smart drugs, to the test to see if they can really make you smarter.


Dr Oz: Heroin Epidemic + Losing Loved Ones To Addiction

Dr Oz: Heroin Epidemic + Do Smart Drugs Really Work?

Dr Oz discussed the heroin epidemic in our country and why it’s important to start taking action now. (ncauk / Flickr)

The heroin epidemic in our country is very real, and only getting worse. Dr Oz wanted to talk to people on the front lines of heroin addiction, letting everyone know that addiction truly affects more than just the user.

–> Dr Oz: Heroin Epidemic + Losing Loved Ones To Addiction


Dr Oz: Michael Botticelli On Drug Epidemic + Addiction & Recovery

Dr Oz then welcomed drug czar Michael Botticelli to the show to continue the discussion about the heroin epidemic and how prescription drug abuse leads to it. He talked about the different ways in which our country can deal with both addiction and recovery.

Dr Oz: Evzio Device For Heroin Overdoses + War On Drugs

The FDA recently approved a device that can help someone start breathing again after an overdose shut their respiratory system down. It’s a very real and effective tool in the war against drugs, which is why we just need to make the tools more readily available.

Dr Oz: Do Smart Drugs Really Work? + What’s In Nootropics?

Dr Oz then turned his attention to smart drugs, otherwise known as nootropics to find out if they can really boost memory, improve focus, and enhance overall performance. He had an expert put the drugs to the test to find out for herself, do smart drugs really work?


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