Dr Oz: HDL Cholesterol, Statin Drug Side Effects & Best Dr Oz Advice


Dr Oz April 17 2013 Recap

Dr. Oz April 17 2013 revisited an episode about a controversial discussion pertaining to cholesterol. Dr. Oz sat down with two doctors who claim cholesterol has nothing to do with heart disease. They say we all believe a myth and they want to set the record straight and share some of their alternative treatment ideas for cholesterol.


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    my dr gave me the prescrpion to get pravastatin so i was had stomach pain, vomting and diarreah so i stop taking but doctor gave me another one for simvastin that same thing i had problems so i stop taking pills so i nned to know what is best medication for cholestrol but i have vitamin of cholesrol that no problems. so let me know abt this what is best medication ? thank u Have anice day!! smile!!!

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