Dr Oz: Green Drink Recipe with Protein-Digesting Enzymes & Sixth Sense


Dr Oz June 13 2013 Recap

Dr. Oz’s entire episode on June 13 2013 is focused on the gut. He talked with Tony LeRoy about why it is best to trust your gut instinct when it comes to anything and how we can all develop our sixth sense. Dr. Oz shared with the audience why enzymes in the gut could be the reason you are getting sick often and he debuted his new green drink recipe with protein digesting enzymes.

Dr Oz: Gut Instinct Can Determine Health Problems?

Dr Oz: Green Drink Recipe with Protein-Digesting Enzymes & Sixth Sense

Dr Oz June 13 2013 shared his brand new green drink recipe and Tony LeRoy explained to everyone how they can further develop their sixth sense.


Tony LeRoy, an intuitive counselor, told Dr. Oz he has the ability to diagnose health problems simply by trusting his gut instinct and by using his sixth sense. He even demonstrated his ability right on stage by revealing a woman was pregnant before she even knew.

Dr Oz: Tony LeRoy Uses Gut Instinct to Determine Health Problems

Dr Oz: Developing A Sixth Sense With Meditation

After the demonstration of his abilities, Tony LeRoy showed Dr. Oz’s audience how they could also develop their own sixth sense. He had three easy steps to develop your sixth sense as well as some medication tips for those who simply want to open their mind.


Dr Oz: Tony LeRoy Advice for Developing Sixth Sense with Meditation

Dr Oz: Fatty Foods Destroy Enzymes & Enzyme Deficiency Making You Sick

Digestive enzymes in the gut are very important. They keep the body healthy and could be the reason your are getting sick if you don’t have enough. Dr. Robynne Chutkan explained how sugary foods could destroy those enzymes and how older people have 50 percent less enzymes than when they were younger.

Dr Oz: Enzyme Deficiency Making You Sick & Fatty Foods Destroy Enzymes

Dr Oz New Green Drink Recipe With Bromelain & Low Enzyme Test

There are a lot of symptoms that could point to low enzyme levels in the gut so Dr. Oz came up with simple test to help you understand whether or not you have low enzyme levels. He also debuted his new green drink recipe which is filled with protein-digesting enzymes.

Dr Oz: Low Enzyme Test & Dr Oz’s New Green Drink Recipe with Bromelain


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