Dr Oz: Do You Believe in Angels? Oil of Oregano + Coconut Oil


Dr Oz January 17 2014

Do you believe in angels? Dr Oz and Rebecca Rosen shared advice on January 17 2014. This show also featured advice about Dandruff treatments, the healing properties in Oil of Oregano, and much more. Check out what you heard on the show.

Dr Oz & Rebecca Rosen: Do You Believe in Angels?

Dr Oz: Do You Believe in Angels? Oil of Oregano + Coconut Oil

Do you believe in angels? Dr Oz’s guest, Rebecca Rosen, said that it can help us to heal physically and mentally on the Jan. 17 show.



  1. Sheila Mayo says

    Dr Oz’s, i just want to say i love your show. Your show made me go get test that i should have gotten a long time ago, which came back normal thank God. Maybe one day i will be able to come on your show. I’m writing to tell you the experience that i had with a angel. I was driving down the street & a cab turned against the light. If God did’nt stop the traffic, the people walking across the street, the other cars stoped an i drove right on. I did’nt hear any horns or noise. It was like i was on this earth by myself.
    One day i was on my lunch hour & i was feeling so depressed, a lady stopped me on the street & started talking to me. She told me that what i was going threw was only a test of my faith. When i finished talking to this lady, i felt as thou something was lifted off me. When she left, i took a few steps & turned around and she was no where in sight. I know it was an angel because i felt such peace. I believe that God sends angel & people in our lives in order to help us, guide us. It is up to us to believe enough to listen. I pray that God keeps you & your family in perfect health & blessed in the coming years. Love you, keep up the good work because you are an angle to so many people all over the world. God Bless you again


    I’m right

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