Dr Oz: Clean Detox Plan, Breakfast Smoothie Recipe & Flu Remedies


Dr Oz July 11 2013

Dr. Oz July 11 2013 was a repeat episode featuring information on the Clean Detox Plan, which could help you lose up to ten pounds in a month. Plus, natural, homeopathic remedies for a wide variety of health problems like the flu, insomnia, and stress. Check out all of these segments and more from Dr. Oz July 11.

Lose 10 Pounds In One Month With Detox Plan & Best Detox Food

Dr Oz: Clean Detox Plan, Breakfast Smoothie Recipe & Flu Remedies

Dr Oz July 11 featured information on the Clean Detox Plan, easy detox recipes, and homeopathic remedies.


On July 11, Dr. Alejandro Junger shared his incredible detox plan with Dr. Oz. With Dr. Junger’s plan, you could lose up to ten pounds in one month, while still feeling full and satisfied. Which foods should you be eating while on the plan? Click to find out.

Dr Oz: Detox Plan to Lose 10 Pounds in One Month & Best Detox Food

Fish Taco, Shepherd’s Pie & Detox Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

If you’re hoping to try Dr. Alejandro Junger’s detox plan, click to learn his favorite detox recipes. These include a detox breakfast smoothie recipe, a recipe for fish tacos, and a recipe for shepherd’s pie. Yum!


Dr Oz: Detox Breakfast Smoothie Recipe & Detox Fish Taco Lunch Recipe

Clean Detox Plan Results In Losing 10 Sizes & 40 Pounds

Still unsure whether the detox plan is right for you? Dr. Junger and Dr. Oz introduced viewers to two women who shared their incredible results. Find out how these women were able to lose weight and feel great while on the clean detox plan.

Dr Oz: Clean Detox Plan Results in Losing 10 Sizes & Losing 40 Pounds

Dr. Lisa Samet Homeopathic Starter Kit & Remedies For Curing the Flu

Then, the topic turned towards homeopathic health solutions. Dr. Oz and Dr. Lisa Samet shared homeopathic remedies for common health problems like the flu, headaches, sinus infections, and indigestion. You’ll want to add this information to your natural remedy arsenal.

Dr Oz: Homeopathic Starter Kit & Homeopathic Remedies to Cure the Flu

Guna Sleep Cures Insomnia & Rescue Remedy Cures Stress

Finally, Dr. Oz shared even more homeopathic remedy solutions. This time, he focused on stress, pain, and insomnia, and also shared products that can significantly help. Plus, learn how Arnica can be used to stop bruising and speed up the healing process.

Dr Oz Guna Sleep Review for Insomnia & Rescue Remedy Review for Stress


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