Dr Oz: Bliss Point Fuels Food Addiction & BPA-Free Container Reviews


Dr Oz June 18 2013 Episode

Dr. Oz has some disturbing news to talk about during his June 18 2013 episode. He talked with Michael Moss, an investigative reporter, about the food secrets the food industry does not want consumers to know about. They aren’t just feeding us terrible food, they are hiding sugar and salt in the food and not even telling the consumers. Dr. Oz was infuriated with what Moss told him and you will be too when you find out what he had to say.

In order to help his audience eat healthier, Dr. Oz looked at some of the best foods to use as alternatives to unhealthy foods. He also went over which plasticware people should buy since so many brands contain BPA.


Dr Oz: Bliss Point For Sugar Created by Food Industry to Force Craving

Dr Oz: Bliss Point to Fuels Food Addiction & BPA-Free Container Review

Dr. Oz June 18 2013 talked with Michael Moss about some food industry secrets, like the bliss point, and he went over the best BPA-free containers to buy.

Michael Moss explained to Dr. Oz that the food industry uses a bliss point to make people crave sugar. Basically they found the exact amount of sugar a person needs to eat before they stop craving sugar and they fill products with just under the amount it takes to keep them coming back for more. Dr. Oz even looked at a brain scan of a heroin addict and a food addict and the similarities are astounding.

Dr Oz: Bliss Point For Sugar Created by Food Industry to Force Craving


Dr Oz: Salts in Warmed-Over Flavor & Kosher Salt Fuels Food Addiction

Moss continued slamming the food industry by revealing they are fueling food addiction with salt by simply adding it to products to make them taste better. Dr. Oz was so upset he wrote a letter to the Grocery Manufacturers Association and they replied. Click the link below to read the reply.

Dr Oz: Kosher Salt Fuels Food Addiction & Salts in Warmed-Over Flavor

Dr Oz: Healthy Grocery Store Shopping Tip & Potato Chips Cause Obesity

Did you know there is such thing as the Holy Grail of food? The food industry has found it and they are using the ingredients to their advantage. They are combining as many products with sugar, salt and fat as they can because they know people will crave those foods. In an effort to help his audience eat healthier, Dr. Oz gave some tips for healthier shopping.

Dr Oz: Potato Chips Cause Obesity & Healthy Grocery Store Shopping Tip

Dr Oz: Trans Fats Link to Cancer & BPA-Free Plastic Storage Containers

Dr. Oz looked at the dangers of trans fats, described why we all need to get rid of our plastic container and switch to BPA-free containers and he also shared some simply snack ideas.

Dr Oz: BPA-Free Plastic Storage Containers & Trans Fats Link to Cancer


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