Dr Oz: Black Elderberry Syrup, Hidden Salt & Snack Personalities


Dr Oz March 7 2014

During the March 7 show, Dr Oz explained how to use Black Elderberry Syrup for its health benefits and explained the hidden salt you may uncover in your medicine cabinet. Plus, decode your snack personality to learn what you should be munching on for better health.

Dr Oz: Black Elderberry Syrup Review + Seated Forward Bend

Dr Oz: Black Elderberry Syrup, Hidden Salt & Snack Personalities

Dr Oz shared Black Elderberry Syrup and other easy home health fixes that can cure your most chronic problems.


Dr Oz shared the fixes for your most common health complaints. Learn how a Seated Forward Bend yoga pose could relieve some of the tension and back pain you feel. Plus, try Black Elderberry Syrup to help boost your immunity so you don’t get sick with whatever is going around!

Dr Oz: Pumpkin Seed Powder Sleep Remedy & Ginger Tea for Upset Stomach

Dr Oz: Hidden Salt in Your Medicine Cabinet + Chewable Medication Adult Dosage

Did you know there is salt in the medications you are taking on a regular basis? Find out why this is and what you can do to avoid it. Plus, find out what parents need to know if they want to take an adult dose of a chewable medication formulated for children.


Dr Oz: Chewable Medication Adult Dosage & OTC Medicine Salt Content

Dr Oz: Snack Personalities & Healthy Substitutes

We all have our favorite snacks, and a dietitian shared some healthier alternative munchie ideas for people who like different textures and experiences when it comes to snack. Learn your own snack personality and find a new option to try out:

Dr Oz: Dried Fruit + Crunchy Jicama Smart Snack Personality Texture

Dr Oz: Bananas Contain Potassium & Affordable Superfoods

Dr Oz sent one of his viewers on a scavenger hunt through the studio to find some of the affordable superfoods we all need to stock up on to stay healthy. Are these on your shopping list? If not, they should be, because they improve your health while stretching your dollars.

Dr Oz: Oatmeal Fiber Content, Bananas Potassium & Sweet Potatoes

Dr Oz: Coupon Prescription Savings & Insurance Preferred Drugs

With the cost of a doctor’s visit and insurance premiums often creeping up, we want to save money on healthcare whenever possible. Dr Oz showed how you can do this by getting coupons for your prescriptions and making other smart decisions at the pharmacy.

Dr Oz: Prescription Coupons Savings & Insurance Preferred Drugs


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