Dr Oz: Ayurvedic Skin Type Test, Neem Benefits & Antioxidant Dangers


Dr Oz June 12 2013 Recap

Dr. Oz is always talking about how great antioxidants are but a new study has found that overdosing on antioxidants may actually raise your risk of getting cancer. During his June 12 2013 episode, Dr. Oz discussed the new study of antioxidants and gave his recommendations on how many antioxidants we should be eating everyday.

During the second half of the episode, Dr. Oz went over the three different types of Ayurvedic skin types, what to eat to make your skin clear and he went over the super herb, neem.


Dr Oz: Vitamin E Increases Risk Of Prostate Cancer & Vitamin A Dosage

Dr Oz: Ayurvedic Skin Type Test,  Neem Benefits & Antioxidant Dangers

Dr Oz June 12 2013 shared his Ayurvedic skin type test to help everyone clear up their skin and he went over the dangers of antioxidant supplements.

Dr. Oz can’t get everything correct all the time but it seems he was pretty far off base when it came to antioxidants. He looked at a new study saying too many antioxidants in your diet could be bad and he gave his guidelines for which supplements we should all be eating and which we shouldn’t be eating.

Dr Oz: Vitamin A Dosage & Vitamin E Increases Risk Of Prostate Cancer


Dr Oz: Brazil Nuts For Selenium & Vitamin C Food Sources

Not all antioxidants are bad. The only ones that raise the risk of cancer are the antioxidant supplements, so Dr. Oz shared the different foods you can eat to get your recommended amount of vitamin E, C, A and selenium.

Dr Oz: Vitamin C Food Sources & One Brazil Nut Good Source Of Selenium

Dr Oz: Benefits Of Ubiquinol Supplements & Ayurvedic Skin Type Test

There is one antioxidant supplement all health care professionals believe is extremely safe and Dr. Oz revealed what that supplement is. He then shared his Ayurvedic skin test to help everyone figure out which type of skin they have, which in turn gives them the power to make their skin look younger.

Dr Oz: Ayurvedic Skin Type Test & Benefits Of Ubiquinol Supplements

Dr Oz: Neem Natural Anti-Inflammatory & Ayurvedic Skin Type Remedies

Everyone has a different type of skin and there are certain ways to treat certain types of skin. Dr. Oz shared the secrets to how each of the three Ayurvedic skin types can clear their skin of acne and bring it back to life. Plus, have you heard of the neem herb? Click the link below to see why Dr. Oz wants everyone adding it to their diet.

Dr Oz: Ayurvedic Skin Type Remedies & Neem, Natural Anti-Inflammatory


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