Dr Oz: Are Angels Real? + Bob Harper Health Tips & Better Sleep


Dr Oz March 6 2015 Recap

On Friday, March 6, Dr Oz wanted to find out for himself if angels really do exist, and in order to do that, he spoke to those who say they’ve had their own experiences with angels that made them believe that they do. He also talked to The Biggest Loser‘s Bob Harper to find out his advice for staying motivated and taking care of your health. Plus, great tips for a better night’s rest.

Dr Oz: Are Angels Real? + Bob Harper Health Tips & Better Sleep

Dr Oz investigated whether angels really do exist before getting Bob Harper’s tips for better health. Plus, how you can finally achieve better sleep. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


Dr Oz: Do Angels Exist? + How To Connect

Dr Oz talked to a Chicken Soup for the Soul: Touched by an Angel contributor about why she believes angels really do exist. He also heard from several different people who have had their own encounters that they say were with angels. So what do you believe?

–> Dr Oz: Are Angels Real? + Signs, Messages, & How To Connect

Dr Oz: Bob Harper At-Home Workout + Espresso Vs Coffee

Dr Oz also welcomed Bob Harper to his show to share his tips and tricks for staying motivated. He explained how you can mix up your workout and accomplish great results, without even leaving your own home. He’ll also explain why you should consider drinking espresso in the morning rather than coffee.


–> Dr Oz: Bob Harper, Deck Of Cards Workout + Espresso Vs Coffee

Dr Oz: Curfew For Better Sleep + Set Your Priorities

Dr Oz explained why a curfew may be the key to a better night sleep because bedtimes certainly aren’t just for kids. He also shared why you should make a list of all the things you need to do and decide what your priorities are.

–> Dr Oz: Set A Curfew For Better Sleep + List Your Priorities

Dr Oz: Remedies For Chronic Cough + Buckwheat Honey Straws

Dr Oz talked to all those people who have been suffering from a cough that just won’t go away and shared remedies like buckwheat honey straws that can finally help you find relief.

–> Dr Oz: Chronic Cough Remedies + Buckwheat Honey Straws

Dr Oz: Chakra Balance + Solar Plexus & Ginger Tea

Dr Oz looked at how having unbalanced chakras can affect your health and what you can do to get your chakras and your body back into balance for optimum health.

–> Dr Oz: Unbalanced Chakras + Solar Plexus & Ginger Tea


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