Dr Oz: 80-20 Rule, Sharecare Symptom Tracker & 4 Essential Supplements


Dr Oz June 21 2013 Recap

Dr. Oz is all about enlightening his audience with all the medical knowledge they can handle but it seems he has given everyone way to much information. His audience has been calling in saying they want him to simplify some of his information. So, during his June 21 2013 episode, Dr. Oz is taking all the information he has given in the past and making it all easier to apply to real life.

And I am sure many people have felt this way after watching the show. I know it can be hard for me sometimes to keep track of the supplements Dr. Oz likes, the ones we should stay away from, the foods I should eat and the foods that will make me unhealthy.


Dr. Oz: Poop Chart & Third Nipples

Dr Oz: 80-20 Rule, Sharecare Symptom Tracker & 4 Essential Supplements

Dr. Oz June 21 2013 explained his 80-20 rule, showed everyone his Sharecare Symptom Tracker and revealed the four essential supplements to improve health.

Dr. Oz talked with three doctors who all say they are happy their patients are more informed about their health but they want everyone to stop bringing in pictures of their poop like Dr. Oz tells everyone to do. So Dr. Oz unveiled his poop chart to help people keep track of their bowel movements.

Dr. Oz: The Poop Chart & Third Nipples


Dr. Oz Rule of Thumb for Supplements – Magnesium & Calcium

Dr. Oz offers an easy rule of thumb when it comes to taking supplements and he shares the four supplements every should be taking.

Dr. Oz: Rule of Thumb for Supplements – Calcium & Magnesium

Dr. Oz: Vitamin A Retinol, Smarter Consumers & Smarter Viewers

While not very many people are happy about Dr. Oz not endorsing products anymore, he says he has done it because he wants his audience to be smarter consumers. Instead of telling them what to buy, he wants to teach them how to read labels, understand the products and make an informed decision about what they should buy.

Dr. Oz: Smarter Consumers, Smarter Viewers, Vitamin A Retinol

Dr. Oz: 80-20 Rule – No More Low-Fat Dairy & Less Flax Seed

Dr. Oz has some great recipes on his show but sometimes they might not be the kind of food you like. He talked with one couple who is having trouble with his recipes. One of them likes the food while the other hates it. He helped them find a compromise and introduced his 80-20 rule.

Dr. Oz: 80-20 Rule – Less Flax Seed & No More Low-Fat Dairy

Dr. Oz: 4 Factors to Stay Healthy & Sharecare Symptom Tracker

Dr. Oz has turned a nation full of mothers into hypochondriacs and he is sorry. To alleviate the problem he developed a Sharecare Symptom Tracker and shared the four essential factors to staying healthy.

Dr. Oz: Sharecare Symptom Tracker & 4 Factors to Stay Healthy

Dr. Oz: When Too Much Poop Talk Is Too Much

Dr. Oz shared some healthy foods to eat this summer and he also shared his golden rule to help you determine when discussing something might be inappropriate in public.

Dr. Oz’s Golden Rule: When Too Much Poop Talk, Is Too Much


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