Chicken Quinoa Recipe & 500 Calorie Fast Food: Dr Oz August 6 2012 Recap


Dr Oz August 6 2012

Are you ready to start the month off right with advice on how to Turbo Charge Your Metabolism? That was the theme of the Dr Oz August 6 2012 episode, which featured convenient solutions for everyday health issues. Find out how to work with your body to fuel your metabolic energy, and get advice on how to make the healthiest choices when it comes to fast food. Here are the highlights from Dr Oz August 6 2012.

Belly Blast Hot Shot, Fucoxanthin, Sacha Inchi & L-Arginine

Chicken Quinoa Recipe: Dr Oz August 6 2012 Recap

Dr Oz August 6 2012 included a Chicken Quinoa Recipe, 500 calorie fast food ideas & metabolism boosters.


Skip the soda and get Dr Oz’s natural drink recommendations, snacks, or supplements that can really turn your metabolism around. You don’t have to accept your current metabolic rate as set in stone. Learn how to overcome your genetics and make your body work for you with Dr Oz’s Belly Blast Hot Shot and more.

Dr Oz: Belly Blast Hot Shot, Fucoxanthin, Sacha Inchi & L-Arginine

Water Bands & Spice Swish Metabolism Boosters

Are you nervous by nature? Did you know that can be a good thing? Fidgeting throughout the day can actually add up to more calories burned, and every little bit makes a difference. Dr Oz shared a variety of easy metabolism boosters you can choose from to add a little more pep to your daily routine.


Dr Oz: Water Bands & Spice Swish Metabolism Boosters

Rocco DiSpirito: Restaurant Secrets Making You Fat

Chef Rocco DiSpirito made a splash this spring with his Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe. He visited Dr Oz to talk about the dirty little secrets your favorite restaurants are afraid for you to find out. Learn how you can save yourself calories and potential health problems by knowing how and what to order at your favorite restaurants.

Dr Oz & Rocco DiSpirito’s Restaurant Secrets Making You Fat

Healthy Fast Food: McDonald’s Vs Subway Vs Domino’s

What’s for lunch? For many office workers and parents on the go, the answer often comes from a drive thru window. Find out how to navigate the fast food landscape to avoid dieting landmines that can throw you off track. Instead, get these 500 calorie fast food menu items from Domino’s, Subway, and McDonald’s that you can rely on in a pinch.

Dr Oz: Healthy Fast Food at McDonalds, Subway & Dominos Pizza

Chia Seed Drink & Chicken Quinoa Recipe

Dr Oz and fitness trainer Dolvett Quince have a new chicken recipe for you to try out with your family. Find out the fat burning power of the Chia Seed Drink that you’ll also want to try at home. Whether you are dining at home or on the go, this Dr Oz August 6 2012 show had something for all of us.

Dr Oz: Chia Seed Drink to Flush Fat & Dolvett Quince Chicken Recipe


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