Chicken Chili & Cantaloupe Shooter Recipes: Dr Oz August 10 2012 Recap


Dr Oz August 10 2012

The Dr Oz August 10 2012 show took a look at What’s Up Down There, answering women’s most wanted questions that they are afraid to ask their doctors. Find out about a common surgical procedure Dr Oz said you probably don’t need, and check out some fantastic recipes to fight your cravings and leave you satisfied. Here are the segments from Dr Oz August 10 2012.

Fluconazole vs RepHresh Pro B Review for Yeast Infection

Chicken Chili & Cantaloupe Shooter Recipes: Dr Oz August 10 2012 Recap

Dr Oz August 10 2012 featured recipes to cut cravings and calories, including Chicken Chili and delicious Cantaloupe Shooters.


Dr Oz talked about a variety of women’s health issues. If you think something has changed with your plumbing, don’t hesitate to mention it to your doctor. Oz shared a few different solutions for treating Yeast Infections, including Fluconazole and RepHresh Pro B. Also, find out why Dr Oz said you should get a second opinion before agreeing to a Hysterectomy.

Dr Oz Yeast Infection Remedies: Fluconazole vs RepHresh Pro B Review

Shaving Down There With Men’s Razors?

What do you do in a shaving emergency? Dr Oz tackled questions from women about common healthcare questions no one thinks to ask during a checkup. Is it OK to use a man’s razor on your sensitive areas? What is the best way to improvise in a tampon emergency? Dr Oz shared his answers to these and other women’s questions.


Is it Safe to Use Your Husband’s Razor Down There?

Dr Oz: Chicken Chili & Kale Chips Recipes

Slimming down often means cutting back on carbs, which is not always a fun prospect. Check out the ways Dr Oz said you can fight those cravings while still eating healthy choices. He shared a Chicken Chili Recipe and Kale Chips Recipe that you’ll want to Pinterest for fall cooking.

Dr Oz: Chicken Chili Recipe & Kale Chips Bust Carb Cravings

Herbal Concepts Neck Wraps & No Stress Salad Recipe

Are you stressed out? Dr Oz suggested aromatherapy using the Herbal Concepts Neck Wrap. He also shared more natural remedies for keeping your emotions in check, including a No Stress Salad Recipe.

Dr Oz: Brazilian Ginseng, Suma Extract & Herbal Concepts Neck Wraps

Frozen Yogurt, Cucumber & Ginger Cantaloupe Shooter Recipes

Cutting 100 calories off every meal is a simple way to start making a big dent in your diet results. Check out some creative and flavorful snacks, such as Cucumber Shooters and Frozen Yogurt Bites. Plus, Dr Oz’s nutritionist shows you how to turn your breakfast upside down to improve your health.

Dr Oz: Frozen Yogurt, Cucumber & Ginger Cantaloupe Shooter Recipes


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