Alzheimer’s Disease Brain Diet & Lisa Oz: Dr Oz September 6 2012 Recap


Dr Oz September 6 2012

What if you could prevent Alzheimer’s Disease before it happens? That was the topic of Dr Oz September 6 2012, which explored new research and findings about how you can manage your symptoms or risk factors for prevention of this debilitating condition. Also, Dr Oz’s wife Lisa made a special guest appearance to share her favorite health remedies. Here’s what happened on Dr Oz September 6 2012.

6 Step Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention Plan & Miracle Cure

Alzheimer's Disease & Lisa Oz: Dr Oz September 6 2012 Recap

Dr Oz September 6 2012 featured advice on Alzheimer's Disease and a special visit from the doctor's wife, Lisa Oz. (lev radin /


Most of us know that Alzheimer’s Disease can be a devastating diagnosis that changes life for the patient and loved ones. It can ravage your memories and take an emotional and physical toll on those affected. But Dr Oz unveiled one guests’s six-step Alzheimer’s Prevention Plan. Could this finally be a miracle cure?

The Brain Diet to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Would you believe that there are certain brain superfoods that could help you fuel your mental processes and keep your mind sharp? The Brain Diet includes foods that may lower your risk for Alzheimer’s Disease, including Beets and Elderberry Jam. Will you be adding these foods to your grocery list?

Dr Oz Anti-Aging: Royal Jelly Supplements & Grape Seed Extract

Anti-aging is one of the most asked about topics among Dr Oz viewers, and I guess that’s why it’s so often the focus of show segments and product reviews. Get the inside story on Grape Seed Extract and the Royal Jelly Supplements to find out what bees can teach you about looking young at any age.


Lisa Oz: Fennel Seeds & Bach Rescue Remedy

Dr Oz had a special guest for this episode: his wife, Lisa. She talked about the health issues she deals with at home, and the tools she keeps in her health arsenal (apparently her husband is gassy!). Check out her advice on Bach Rescue Remedy & Fennel Seeds, among other household health solutions she highlighted.

Beddy Bye Book, How to Swaddle a Baby & White Noise Machines

Little ones can be a fresh new challenge, especially for first-time parents. Check out this episode’s advice on how to swaddle a baby. Plus, learn about solutions like white noise machines and the Beddy Bye Book that could help your kid get to sleep better and faster. Then maybe you can catch a few Zs yourself.


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