Raspberry Ketones Review: Dr. Oz Fat Burning Miracle Pill


Dr Oz Raspberry Ketone Supplements: Fat Burning Pill

What would you say to a single pill that can help your body burn fat more effectively, with lasting results? Dr. Oz said it does exist on his 5 Body Type Diet show, and it’s called the Raspberry Ketone Pill. We’ve known Raspberries as a delicious fruit, but they also have health benefits, as Doctor Oz and his guests explained.

How Raspberry Ketones Work

Dr Oz: Raspberry Ketone

Did you know Raspberries have a natural hormone that helps the body burn fat faster?


  1. dora guzman-martinez says

    I am excited to try this fat burning raspberry ketone diet pill. I need to lose at least 60 pounds. I am suffering from pulmonary highpertension and my doctors don’t know why I am on oxygen 24/7, but on top of their list is losing 60 pounds.Thank you Dr. Oz, I love your show. Dora from Texas

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