Nettle Tea, Brewer’s Yeast & Bee Pollen: Dr Oz Energy Supplements


Dr Oz: Natural Energy Supplements

Dr Oz shared his Diet Myths as well as the revolutionary Rice Bran Oil on his talk show. But if you’re still on the hunt for some diet suggestions, he shared some of his favorite energy supplements that might also help you lose weight, including Bee Pollen Supplements, Brewer’s Yeast, Nettle Tea, Yeast Flakes, and even Kelp Noodles. Check out all his suggestions and their benefits.

On the show, an audience member got advice from Dr Oz about her low energy levels, which she claimed have been an issue since she graduated from high school. (Things did seem easier back then, but that’s a long time to be without energy.) The woman said she’s eating right and working out, but still needs help getting over the energy hump. Here are some of Dr Oz’s suggestions, which you can shop for online or at your favorite health food store.


Nettle Tea Review: Dr Oz Energy Supplements

Dr Oz's Energy Supplement reviews included his review of Nettle Tea & other energy boosting supplement products.

Bee Pollen Supplement Review

Dr Oz’s first product was a Bee Pollen Supplement. He suggested a dosage of 2000 mg daily. This is loaded with minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, and nutrients that can help your body fire on all cylinders.

Brewer’s Yeast Supplement Review

Dr Oz has talked about Brewer’s Yeast in the past. He mentioned the benefits of the supplement version, which include more B vitamins in your diet, as well as the supplement’s ability to help the body process carbohydrates healthily. Though you could experience gas as a side effect, Dr Oz suggested 4000 mg daily.


Dr Oz: Nettle Tea Review

If you asked him, Dr Oz would probably recommend tea instead of coffee. He talked about the energy boosting benefits of Nettle Tea, suggesting that you drink one cup of this to start your morning instead of getting your regular java jolt.

Nettle Tea has a bitter flavor, but you can sweeten it up naturally with honey. It also has antioxidants, which the body loves.

Dr Oz: Ugli Fruit Energy Elixir Recipe

Do you want to try a refreshing drink that can boost your energy without the chemicals of Diet Soda? Dr Oz shared an easy recipe for Ugly Fruit Energy Elixir that you can make for yourself.

Just mix equal parts Sparkling Water and Ugli Fruit Juice in a blender and serve it while it’s cold. This recipe has a strong citrus flavor (Dr Oz also recently suggested using Citrus Body Wash for a pick me up). Though Ugli Fruit is affordable, you might have to check around to find the best place to get it near you.

Dr Oz: L-Lysine Supplement Review

Another supplement you could try if you’re running low on energy is L-Lysine, which improves the body’s circulation, eventually leading to better energy flow through the body. Just add 1000 mg of this supplement before each meal.

Dr Oz: Yeast Flakes Review

Yeast Flakes are easy to add to your favorite salad, pasta dish, or even popcorn snack. They’re a stress buster that can also fight your fatigue, which solves two problems with one simple condiment.

Dr Oz: Kelp Noodles

Kelp Noodles are a natural moisturizer, and they’re high in fat-fighting Fiber. At just 13 calories per cup, you can help yourself to a hearty portion.


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