How to Look 20 Pounds Thinner in Photos & Dr Oz Shapewear Reviews


Dr. Oz: Plus-Size Models Give Advice on Shapewear

Shapewear, especially the popular brand Spanx, has recently become a huge trend. From celebrities on the red carpet to every day women, shapewear is something that helps everyone feel good. If your waist is less than perfect, take a look at some more advice from Plus-Size modelsEmme, Lizzie Miller, and Denise Bidot. They discussed their favorite shapewear products: Maidenform Torsette, Camiband and Spanx Tight-End Tights. They also showed some great poses you can try in order to look slimmer in pictures.


Look 20 lbs thinner with some plus-size model secrets on shapewear


Dr Oz: Maidenform Torsette Review

Emme’s favorite type of shapewear is Maidenform’s Torsette; it is a lot like a corset, but a lot more comfortable!  It slims down your entire body, and you can still wear your own bra with it. An audience member Tanisha gave the Torsette a try, and the proof was in the pudding: there was a difference of four sizes between her before and after pictures! She described the feeling as being “sucked and tucked,” which I’m sure, is a good thing!

Dr Oz: Camiband Review

Lizzie Miller’s shapewear of choice is the Camiband. Light and portable, it elongates the torso, plus shapes the back and even the dreaded ‘muffin top.’ It also doubles as a camisole that you can use to layer. The effect of the Camiband on audience member Lisa was also astounding. Her stomach and torso appeared much more slimmed down. Lisa agreed that it was lightweight and easy to use.

Dr Oz: Spanx Tight-End Tights Review

Because they are high-waisted, Denise likes Spanx Tight-End Tights. They can easily be worn under jeans and dresses, and can take you from daytime to nighttime. When audience member Bonnie tried the tights, she instantly loved them! She called them “silky,” and they sure did make her look a lot slimmer.


Dr Oz: Plus-Size Model Photo Secrets

Denise, Lizzie, and Emme shared some great tips for taking photos– trust them, they do this for a living! These three easy poses will help you look slimmer and enhance your shape while you’re in front of the camera.

Emme’s Double Chin Duck

Emme’s tip for hiding a double chin in a photo is the “Double Chin Duck.” Simply put your chin down, turn to the side and face the camera lens with the apple of your cheek. It’s a pose that she swears by.

Lipo Free Lean In

To perform the “Lipo Free Lean In,” cock one hip to the side, stick leg out your leg, and place one arm on the hip. It is “cutesy” but also slimming, giving you a nice, curved line. In Art History this is known as ‘contraposto.’ Just look at Ancient Greek statues– they may not have heads, but their bodies look great!

Smile Slimdown

Smiling may seem simple, but by adjusting the way you smile, you can actually look slimmer. Push your tongue down to the roof front of the mouth and exhale while the picture is being taken. It will give you your best smile ever.





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