Dr Oz: White Willow Bark Review, Emu Oil + Fast Back Pain Remedies


Dr Oz: How To Erase Every Kind of Sudden Back Pain

Do you have back pain that comes on out of nowhere? Dr Oz and orthopedic physical therapist Peggy Brill shared some things you can do the next time you experience sudden back pain. Add Emu Oil, White Willow Bark, and even Yellow Mustard to your medicine bag.

Dr Oz: Yellow Mustard Muscle Spasm Remedy

One woman said that she has Muscle Spasms that surprise her when she is not expecting them. We have muscles all over our bodies, and they are designed to constrict and release. But if they get too taught, they can spasm when they let go.


A Muscle Spasm can be painful. Yoga, physical therapy, and swimming have not done the trick for one woman, so Dr Oz had another solution in mind for her: Yellow Mustard.

Dr Oz: White Willow Bark Review, Emu Oil + Fast Back Pain Remedies

Get fast relief from back pain with remedies for a slipped disc, muscle spasm, or strained muscle. Dr Oz said to try Emu Oil, White Willow Bark and mustard!

Who would have thought that eating Yellow Mustard could unlock relief for Muscle Spasms? According to Peggy Brill, even NBA stars are using this as a solution. Eat one packet or one tablespoon as needed for immediate pain relief that lasts up to 24 hours. It may even prevent Muscle Spasm onset if you take it early.


Dr Oz: How Long Does a Slipped Disc Last?

Another back pain complaint is a Slipped Disc. Another audience member said she was in terrible pain from her Slipped Disc, which made it hard to move around. Peggy Brill told Dr Oz that you would typically notice constant pain or pain when you go from sitting to standing, and a doctor would do a diagnosis to confirm that you have a Slipped Disc.

Peggy Brill said that a Slipped Disc can last for months or even years, which does not sound encouraging. Dr Oz explained how a misaligned disc can put pressure on your nerves, making you very uncomfortable. You could also experience a Ruptured Disc, which can bathe your nerve with inflammatory fluid that causes excruciating pain.

Dr Oz: White Willow Bark Review

Dr Oz asked Peggy Brill for advice here, and she recommended working with a physical therapist or maybe even a surgeon in an extreme case. But for daily maintenance, her go to is White Willow Bark.

Aspirin comes from White Willow Bark, and you can take a dose of 4 to 6 mL in water, three times per day. The natural taste is tolerable, especially as a tradeoff for enduring pain.

Dr Oz: Emu Oil Strained Muscle Remedy

A Strained Muscle can happen to almost anyone. This happens, according to Brill, when we overdo it on our muscles, causing something similar to paper cuts in the muscle fibers. Ripping causes pain, which can last until the tears heal. Peggy told Dr Oz the remedy for this is Emu Oil, which contains linoleic acid to reduce swelling and promote healing.

Peggy Brill said you can rub it on your own back using a spoon, giving you lasting pain relief. Find it in health food stores or online. Dr Oz said studies have proven that it works for pain and swelling.


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