Dr Oz: Vitamin D Dosage Guide & The Vitamin D Revolution Review


Dr Oz: Vitamin D

Dr Oz and Dr Soram Khalsa talked about the practice of integrative medicine and why you might want to avoid Phthalates in your beauty products. They also spent some time discussing his new book, The Vitamin D Revolution, which sets the record straight about some Vitamin D myths and misinformation. Are you taking the right Vitamin D dosage?

Dr Oz: The Vitamin D Revolution Review

The Vitamin D Revolution tells the story of a Vitamin D epidemic that is spreading due to a lack of understanding about the importance and uses of Vitamin D. A deficiency can be linked to 17 forms of cancer, as well as other diseases including chronic pain, osteoporosis, diabetes and heart disease.


Dr Oz: Vitamin D Dosage Guide & The Vitamin D Revolution Review

Dr Oz talked with Dr Soram Khalsa about his book, The Vitamin D Revolution, and shared a Vitamin D dosage guide to help the audience avoid deficiency.

At least one study found that if women maintained Vitamin D levels above 52, the incidence of breast cancer could be cut in half. Vitamin D sounds like it is even more important than we thought!

Dr Oz: Vitamin D Health Benefits

Dr Oz said that direct exposure to sunlight is an effective means of getting Vitamin D in our bodies. This builds up the immune system and prevents cancer cells from spreading or growing larger.


However, almost 2/3 of Americans have a Vitamin D deficiency, so maybe there is more that needs to be done in terms of education. Why aren’t more doctors taking a proactive approach to this problem?

According to Dr Khalsa, doctors essentially aren’t monitoring Vitamin D levels. That is why he wanted to help educate the public through his book, The Vitamin D Revolution.

Dr Oz: Vitamin D Sun Exposure Vs Supplement

What is the best way to get more Vitamin D? Everyone agrees that sun exposure is the most effective method. But if you overdo it, you are putting yourself at risk for skin cancer. That’s why Dr Khalsa suggested a Vitamin D supplement.

His personal regimen includes around 6500 IU every day. He also checks his blood levels every three months. Since Doctor Oz typically recommends 1000 IU per day, he wondered if it is possible to overdose on Vitamin D.

Dr Khalsa said that 10,000 IU every day is way too much, but most adults can handle 5000 IU every day without needing to monitor their blood.

Dr Oz: Vitamin D Dosage Recommendations

  • Adults – 2000 IU daily
  • Children (age 1+) – 1000 IU daily
  • Newborns – 400 IU daily

According to Dr Oz, you should check to be sure you are buying Vitamin D-3, and a bottle of supplements should go for about $10. Getting short periods of sunlight exposure in addition to supplements is an ideal plan.

Dr Soram Khalsa: Integrative Medicine Treatment Results

Two of Dr Khalsa’s patients were guests on the show to talk about how his treatments have improved their health. They said that they have seen dramatic improvements for chronic fatigue and rheumatoid arthritis. The women said that they appreciate the combination of traditional and alternative therapies, because Dr Khalsa gives them the best of both approaches.

Dr Oz: Find Your Center

Dr Oz and Dr Khalsa both agreed that finding your center is an important way to start each day. It is just good health, whether you choose to pray, meditate, or even practice yoga. The idea is to start off centered and stay focused.


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