Dr Oz: Vaser Shape Cost, Reviews & Ultrasound Fat Loss Results


Dr Oz: Vaser Shape Treatment

Dr Oz shared some great ideas to help you bust through fat, including Pinolenic Acid in pine nuts and the exciting Garcinia Cambogia supplement. But if you’ve been holding out for fast, visible results, Dr Oz has yet another belly fat buster to blow your mind: Vaser Shape. Find out about the Vaser Shape cost and results with Dr Oz’s Vaser Shape review.

This procedure is fast, pain-free, and cost-effective. If you’ve thought about liposuction in the past but couldn’t afford it, you’re not alone. Tummy tuck surgeries aren’t cheap either, and recovery time can be prohibitive. The Vaser Shape treatment changes the equation.


Dr Oz: Vaser Shape Vs Tummy Tuck

Dr Oz: Vaser Shape Cost, Reviews & Ultrasound Fat Loss Results

Dr Oz learned about the Vaser Shape cost of this ultrasound fat loss treatment that gives visible results in minutes using a non-invasive procedure.

Dr Oz met plastic surgeon Dr Sharon Giese, who showed off the new Vaser Shape technology, which she said she has tried herself. It’s non-invasive, and they called it a “body contouring device,” which is some slick marketing indeed. But there are no cuts, so that’s going to get some people excited.

Dr Oz: Vaser Shape Cost

Vaser Shape actually uses ultrasound technology to break through to the fat deposits that liposuction often can’t reach. Dr Giese compares the sensation to hot stone massage and said her own results were “phenomenal.”


The results are basically instant, and Vaser Shape cost for treatment is about $450, which is 10% of the average cost of liposuction, according to the show. The process is pain-free and there is no recovery time. You could presumably do this on your lunch break.

Doctor Oz: Vaser Shape Ultrasound

Dr Sharon Giese said that there are two key components of the process. The first is the ultrasound and the second is called “lymphatic drainage.” The ultrasound burns through a layer of fat, and the lymphatic massage repels toxins and liquid fat from the area being treated.

Dr Oz: Vaser Shape Fat Loss Results

To put Vaser Shape to the test, Dr Oz had Dr Giese perform the ultrasound portion of the treatment onstage. She showed how the device is carefully guided over the treatment area, with emphasis on the body’s natural contours.

The patient said the process was completely comfortable and even soothing, like a massage. Dr Giese moved to the lymphatic massage, to push fat away from the area, which the patient described as “gentle suction.”

Dr Oz: Vaser Shape Reviews

The patient showed off her stomach, and the before and after photos suggest there is really something to this Vaser Shape trend. You could actually see an instant difference.

Dr Giese said that some patients need more than one treatment, depending on the size of area where they want fat removed or reduced.

Dr Oz: Vaser Shape Warning

Vaser Shape isn’t for everyone, apparently. Dr Giese said that if you have too much or not enough fat in the treatment area, you won’t get valuable results from Vaser Shape.

Ideally, patients should have a minimum 1/2” of fat, up to 3-4” in the area, per Dr Giese. What d you think about this Vaser Shape treatment? Would you ever try it for yourself?



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