Dr Oz: Squatty Potty, Dr Scholl’s Massager & Castor Oil Wrap


Dr Oz: Wild Health Trends

How far would you go to stay healthy or get relief from your symptoms? Dr Oz shed light on some outrageous trends, including the Squatty Potty, Snake Therapy, Castor Oil for Muscle Pain & more.

If you’ve been searching for symptom relief, but haven’t found success with your current plans or products, would you be willing to try one of these strange ideas? Dr Oz put them to the test and shared his recommendations of these off the wall treatment methods.


Dr Oz: Squatty Potty

Have you heard of the Squatty Potty? Dr Oz said it helps you achieve optimal toilet posture.

Squatty Potty Review

Dr Oz wants you to live your best life, which includes the best bowel movements possible. He showed off the Squatty Potty, which attaches to any toilet, giving you a footstool that helps you poop in the ideal position.

Squatting is ideal for moving waste through the colon and bowels, and this product helps you achieve the perfect poop posture. Dr Oz said the Squatty Potty really works.


Dr Oz: Dr Scholl’s Arctic Heat/Cold Mini Massager Review

Sand Therapy is a joint pain technique that soothes the area using heat. But since it’s not practical to wade through a tub of sand, Dr Oz suggested Dr Scholl’s Arctic Heat/Cold Mini Massager. You can use its warm setting before a workout, and save the cold setting for when you’re finished.

Dr Oz: Castor Oil Wrap Vs Snake Therapy for Muscle Pain

Mia and Todd from the audience joined Dr Oz onstage to investigate one more remedy. Shockingly, it is Snake Therapy, which has been treating Muscle Pain for years. I don’t think Mia was thrilled to be confronted with a snake.

Dr Oz revealed, however, that this technique does not do the trick for muscle pain, because snakes can’t control the application of pressure to your affected muscle areas.

Instead, he suggested a Castor Oil Wrap. Just rub Castor Oil on your sore muscles, and lock it in using plastic wrap. Top that with a heating blanket and let the acid from the oil go to work relaxing your muscles.

Did these products give you some radical new ideas on how to treat common complaints and symptoms? Do you think Dr Oz’s products will work for you, or do you have a better solution to your chronic problems? Share it in the comments.


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