Dr Oz: Spoonk Acupressure Mat & Purely Products Healthy CFL Light Bulbs


Dr Oz: Alternative Medicine Giveaways

As Dr Oz continued to share remedies and products to tackle the audience’s favorite topics, he invited Bryce Wylde, an alternative medicine expert, to help share some creative solutions that can increase our immunities and help us stay healthy. Check out the products they discussed, and find out how you can get them for free.

For more great tips and products from today’s jam packed show, read Dr Oz’s recommendations for Better Sleep and Lower Stress. Plus, he talked about Improving Energy Levels and Anti-Aging Tips.


Dr Oz: Himalayan Salt Inhaler with Flugon Essential Oil Giveaway

Dr Oz: Free Spoonk Acupressure Mat

Dr Oz is giving away free Spoonk Acupressure Mats!

If you are searching for an immunity booster, look no further than the Himalayan Salt Inhaler, with Flugon Essential Oil. Salt helps to draw moisture, and the nutrients in this combination help your body naturally increase its immunities.

Try inhaling through your mouth and exhaling through the nose, Bryce suggested. This can help to treat your allergies as well.


Dr Oz: Purely Products CFL Light Bulb Review

Negative Ions in our environment can help naturally boost our moods by helping the body balance its Seratonin levels. These Purely Products CFL Light Bulbs actually snatch unwanted toxins or allergens from the air around us.

Swapping these for the existing light bulbs in your home could improve your mood dramatically, according to Dr Oz and Bryce. Doing so could also improve your body’s immunities.

Dr Oz: Waterpik Sinusense Water Pulsator Giveaway

We’ve heard Dr Oz and others speak about the health benefits of the Neti Pot. But this product takes that principle to the next level in sinus relief. The Waterpik Sinusense Water Pulsator is a portable gadget actually goes inside the nostril to do the dirty work for you. It’s even dishwasher safe, which makes cleanup easy.

Dr Oz: Spoonk Mat Giveaway

One of the most popular time tested alternative medicine pain relief principles is acupressure. It’s been used around the world for centuries, and the Spoonk Mat is designed with spikes that target pressure points and help the body release unwanted Cortisol.

Dr Oz: Vacation & Product Giveaways

Dr Oz is giving away the products featured on his show through his official website at doctoroz.com.

While you’re there, use the scrambled mystery letters from today’s episode to spell the word you need to win a Caribbean Vacation to St. Martin. The third letter clue is A.

Read these articles to collect all five letters in the mystery word:



  1. says

    I’m also a care hover to mystery and work full time anything tide stress me I have been on meds before and nothing helped lost weight please help I woul love to get the products that u shard today on your show thank you

    • says

      The giveaways were administered through the official Dr Oz site. Since today’s episode was a repeat, the giveaways appear to have ended. But hopefully he will be giving away more goodies in the new season.

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