Dr Oz: Soy Milk Protein, Almond Milk Flavor & Rice Milk Smoothies


Dr Oz: Nondairy Milk Alternatives

Milk was once a staple of most American diets, but its popularity has been shrinking since the 1970s. Changes in food sensitivity, allergies, and concerns over hormones are all among the reasons for this, and Dr Oz highlighted some of the benefits of the alternatives to cow’s milk that are available at your supermarket.

Even the milk industry has taken note of this shift in the consumer marketplace, responding by retiring the “Got Milk” slogan and replacing it with a new campaign, “Milk Life,” coming soon. Say goodbye to those familiar milk mustaches.


Dr Oz: Milk Swap Taste Test

Dr Oz: Soy Milk Protein, Almond Milk Flavor & Rice Milk Smoothies

Dr Oz shared his thoughts about Soy Milk, Almond Milk, and Rice Milk as alternatives to cow’s milk, and the best benefits of each of these choices.

Dr Oz asked his audience to do a blind taste test of some types of milk before the show, and he revealed the results. Here is a breakdown of which milk substitutes they preferred.

  • 80% – Almond Milk
  • 15% – Rice Milk
  • 5% – Soy Milk

Dr Oz: Soy Milk Protein

Though it was the least popular choice in Dr Oz’s audience taste test, Soy Milk has the highest protein content of the milks he spoke about during this show. He said that it is a great addition to your morning coffee to help keep you full during the day.


Dr Oz: Almond Milk Flavor & Consistency

Almond Milk was by far the most popular choice in Dr Oz’s audience taste test. It has a smooth, nutty flavor, which makes it popular. It also has a similar consistency to cow’s milk, which might make it easier for people who are phasing dairy out of their diets.

Dr Oz explained that it does not have the protein of soy, but it does have the lowest calories of these milk choices. His recommendation was to serve Almond Milk with breakfast cereal, because kids might like it the most.

There are plenty of flavored options, but Dr Oz recommended sticking with Unsweetened Almond Milk. If you do pick a flavored version, look for something under 10 grams of Sugar.

Dr Oz: Rice Milk for Smoothies

Dr Oz said that Rice Milk can be great for people with allergies, because it is the least likely to cause a reaction. It is a little thin to drink on its own, but he suggested putting it into a smoothie.

Dr Oz: Cow’s Milk Buying Guide

For those who stick with regular Cow’s Milk, Dr Oz suggested buying organic 2% milk that is enriched or fortified, to ensure that you are getting the Calcium and Vitamin D you want.


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