Dr Oz: Sony W Series Walkman, Rescue Remedy & Jumpsport Trampoline


Dr Oz: Stress Free Giveaways

In today’s modern world, we all have busy lives and constant demands on our time and attention. That’s why stress is the top complaint among viewers of Dr Oz, and it inspired him to come up with some top stress fighting products you can use to reduce your own stress levels.

Find out how you can purchase or win these products, and unlock the last key to a vacation giveaway. If you missed any of the popular tips and products from today’s show, read all about Dr Oz’s popular suggestions for Anti-Aging, More Energy, Alternative Medicine, and Better Sleep.


Dr Oz Sony W Series Walkman, Rescue Remedy & Jumpsport Trampoline

Dr Oz spoke about products to reduce stress like the Sony W Series Walkman, Rescue Remedy & Jumpsport Trampoline.

Dr Oz: Rescue Remedy Review

Marissa was in the audience, and she complained about being constantly stressed, between work and her young children.

Dr Oz said his family loves Rescue Remedy, and it’s even brought him closer with his mother-in-law. This is an instant stress reliever that works just by spraying it in your mouth. It’s portable, so you can carry it with you wherever you go that you might want to calm down.


Dr Oz: Mighty Leaf Teatop Brew Travel Mug & Tea Sampler Review

Tea drinkers rejoice. If you love tea, you probably already know about its stress busting benefits. But today Dr Oz shared the Mighty Leaf Teatop Brew Travel Mug, complete with Tea Sampler. This mug can go with you anywhere, giving you easy access to your favorite brews whenever you need a stress reliever or pick me up.

Dr Oz: Conair Touch & Tone Massager Giveaway

Ever wonder why a back rub feels so good? Just the sensation of physical touch can reduce stress and anxiety, even lowering your Cortisol hormones by up to half. The Conair Touch & Tone Massager lets you customize your massage using different attachments and speeds.

Dr Oz: Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline Giveaway

Getting in shape doesn’t have to be a chore. Don’t let your workout get you stressed out. Instead find ways to make it fun. You can even burn calories by hitting the trampoline. Check out the Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline, and you’ll find that just 10 minutes a day can give your Seratonin levels a boost.

Doctor Oz: Sony W Series Walkman Giveaway

Meditation has been proven to reduce stress in the body, while music is a popular way to help the mind relax. The hands-free, wireless Sony W Series Walkman can help you do either, and its battery lasts up to eight hours. That makes it great for travel or on the go.

Dr Oz: Caribbean Vacation Keyword

You have a chance to win all of today’s featured products through the doctoroz.com website. Go there for details on how to enter.

Plus, you can unscramble today’s mystery word for a chance to win a tropical vacation for two. The final letter in the word is X.

Write down all the letters and unscramble them for your chance to win at doctoroz.com. If you need a hint, the unscrambled word is something that’s vital to living a long and happy life. Missing a letter? Get them all by reading the other articles from today’s show.


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