Dr Oz: Sienna Eco-Friendly Steam Mop + Essential Oils Deals


Dr Oz: CooliBar Sun Protective Tunics

Dr Oz welcomed Elisabeth Leamy to his show to share her best deals on this spring’s must have items. Dr Oz and Elisabeth started by looking at sun protective tunics from CooliBar. Elisabeth shared that the tunics are rated at UPF 50 which stands for ultra-violet protection factor, which is even better than SPF. Plus, the tunics look great so you can be fashionable while taking care of your skin.

Dr Oz: Sienna Eco-Friendly Steam Mop + Essential Oils Deals

Dr Oz and Elisabeth Leamy shared great discounts on health products like a Sienna eco-friendly mop and Pretty Organic essential oils. (beamillion / flickr)


The tunics normally cost as much as $120, but for Oz Nation members, they get a 52% discount which means the tunics only cost as little as $45! Dr Oz said he was going to bring one home for his wife.

Dr Oz: San Diego Hat Co. Sun Hats

Next, Elisabeth shared a deal on a 2-piece packable sun hat set from San Diego Hat Co. The hats are also UPF 50 and they pop right back into shape, even after getting smashed. The hats normally retail for $78, but Oz Nation gets a 55% discount, which means you can get two of the hats for just $35!

Dr Oz: Sienna Eco-Friendly Steam Mop

Elisabeth then shared her third product which was the eco-friendly steam mop by Sienna. The mop uses hot steam to kill germs without using toxic cleaners. It’s great for those who have kids crawling around on the floor. The mop usually costs $140 depending on what version you get, but you can get one for just $65, a 51% discount!


Dr Oz: Rotating Spa Brush From My Spa Life

Elisabeth moved on to talk about a rotating spa brush from My Spa Life. The brush is long enough to let your scrub your own back. There’s also a compartment for you to put your own soap, to help get rid of dull skin. Normally, the brush costs $80, but with a 54% discount, you pay just $37!

Dr Oz: Hair & Skin Care Essential Oils

Finally, Elisabeth and Dr Oz looked at the essential oil skin and hair care set from Pretty Organic Cosmetics. Elisabeth shared that you get two skin items and one for your hair and they smell wonderful. Normally, the oils cost $160 but you can get them 51% off for just $79.


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