Dr Oz: Rose Hip Seed Oil, Quinoa Milk & Maqui Berry Powder Review


Dr Oz: Hypochondriac’s Guide to the Health Food Store

There are many alarmists in the audience, and Dr Oz said he understands that “there is a fine line between being a health nut and a hypochondriac.” He shared some health food cures to check out in his Hypochondriac’s Guide to the Health Food Store: Rose Hip Seed Oil, Quinoa Milk, and a Maqui Berry Powder review.

Dr Oz: Health Nut Vs Hypochondriac

Shawn admitted to Dr Oz that she is a hypochondriac, but she loves to be informed about health. She got to help Dr Oz teach the audience about the latest cutting edge health foods in stores near you.


Dr Oz: Maqui Berry Powder Review

Dr Oz: Rose Hip Seed Oil, Quinoa Milk & Maqui Berry Powder Review

Dr Oz shared his favorite new products from health food stores, including: Rose Hip Seed Oil; shelf stable Quinoa Milk; and a Maqui Berry Powder review.

Maqui Berry Powder builds immunity, which can be compromised by a variety of reasons. Dr Oz said this new superberry tops all the others he has mentioned in the past. It comes from the Andes Mountains in Chile.

Its benefits include:

  • 3x antioxidants of raspberries
  • 2x antioxidants of blueberries
  • Builds up your immune system

Find Maqui Berry Powder in health food stores and online for around $10. You can add it to yogurt, oatmeal, or even milk. Oz said it is slightly tart, and reminiscent of cocoa. He suggested adding a tablespoon of Maqui Berry Powder to your morning routine.

Dr Oz: Quinoa Milk Review

Quinoa Milk can help to prevent migraines. Shawn thought quinoa was great, but it does take awhile to cook. For patients with migraines, this new product could be a huge breakthrough.

Doctor Oz explained that migraines could be preventable. Blood vessels in the brain dilate, overwhelming the brain and causing potentially severe migraines.

The Magnesium content of Quinoa Milk helps soothe the body and prevent these overreactions that lead to migraines. This is found for about $4 per package, and is non-dairy, so it can be found with other shelf-stable milks in health food or grocery stores.

Dr Oz: Rose Hip Seed Oil Review

Dr Oz loves Coconut Oil and Argan Oil. But now Rose Hip Seed Oil is on his list, because it can prevent wrinkles and treat eczema by making even dry skin more elastic.

Coconut Oil works well, but it can be wet and oily on the skin. However, Rose Hip Seed Oil is much more dry when applied. It is also a natural acne remedy.

Massage two to three drops of Rose Hip Seed Oil into the skin each day. For its beauty benefits, Shawn was impressed with Rose Hip Seed Oil.


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