Dr Oz: Red Palm Oil Dosage, Lower Cholesterol & Omentum Belly Fat


Dr Oz: New Miracle Oil

Dr Oz shared some of the biggest innovations in medicine and health on a special episode of his show. He loves highlighting new products that can make a difference in people’s lives, and he gathered some of the most promising new discoveries, including the what he said will be the miracle food of 2013. Learn everything you need to know about a healthy Red Palm Oil dosage and why Dr Oz said it should be a part of your diet.

Dr Oz: What Is Red Palm Oil?

Red Palm Oil is a miracle when it comes to our longevity, Dr Oz said. He called it a stop sign for aging, and alternative medicine expert Bryce Wylde agreed. There are two primary benefits of Red Palm Oil: Carotene and Tocotrienols.


Dr Oz: What Is Carotene?

Carotene is an antioxidant that gives the Red Palm Oil its color. Other sources of Carotene in our diets include tomatoes and carrots. But Red Palm Oil is a much more highly concentrated source of Carotene.

Dr Oz: What Are Tocotrienols?

What are Tocotrienols? They are a type of Vitamin E that protects the heart. In combination with Carotene, Tocotrienols protect the body’s cells and tissue.

Dr Oz: Red Palm Oil Dosage

Dr Oz: Red Palm Oil Dosage, Lower Cholesterol & Omentum Belly Fat

Dr Oz revealed the best Red Palm Oil dosage for your diet to lower cholesterol, burn belly fat, and improve brain function as well as heart health.


Dr Oz said many folks know the health benefits of Olive Oil and Almond Oil. But why have we not heard of Red Palm Oil before now, especially since it is such a powerful antioxidant.

Bryce Wylde told Doctor Oz that you can get all the amazing health benefits of Red Palm Oil from two tablespoons per day.

Dr Oz: Red Palm Oil Brain Health

He also said that Red Palm Oil helps strengthen the brain and is believed to help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. It also supports the heart by increasing blood flow.

Dr Oz: Red Palm Oil Lowers Cholesterol

Though it is a saturated fat, Red Palm Oil can actually reduce cholesterol by 40% after just one month of regular use. Dr Oz said this is a better result than patients tend to see on cholesterol medicine.

Dr Oz: Red Palm Oil Belly Fat & Omentum

According to Bryce Wylde, Red Palm Oil is also great for the Omentum, which is the body area that carries belly fat. That’s because this type of oil travels to the liver to rev up the metabolism, helping burn off fat from the Omentum.

Dr Oz added that women who tried Red Palm Oil saw results in eliminating belly fat just from including Red Palm Oil in their diets.

Dr Oz: How To Use Red Palm Oil

How can you get Red Palm Oil into your diet? Here are a few ideas from the show.

  • Spread it on toast.
  • Use it to top a sweet potato.
  • Add a dash to oatmeal.
  • Use it as a stir fry, because it has a higher temperature tolerance than many other oils.

If you have your own Red Palm Oil suggestions, share them with us!



  1. LA REE Wilkinson says

    Ive been in the beauty business owning my own shop since 62. Ive used monoxidil. and a friend uses proacia. I have used nioxin and have really enjoyed the results on thinning hair. Proacia is the most expensive of the three. but nioxin can even be bought at T.J.Maxx which is less than I can buy it at the Beauty Supply.

    i also have a customer using Bosely but thats not showing as much as nioxin

  2. Jennifer Handasyde says

    I was absolutely shocked to see Dr Oz recommending that people should consume palm oil. This seemingly innocent-sounding vegetable oil is in fact a leading contributor to climate change.

    While originally from West Africa, today 90% of the global supply of palm oil actually comes from Indonesia & Malaysia. This has come at a tremendous environmental cost. Indonesian and Malaysian forests are being burned to the ground– releasing so much carbon into the atmosphere that Indonesia now ranks 3rd behind China and US in carbon emissions– and it is barely industrialized. The UNEP estimates that the forests of Indonesia are being cleared at a rate of 6 football fields per minute every minute of every day.

    The palm oil industry is guilty of truly heinous ecological atrocities, including the systematic genocide of orangutans. The forests of Borneo and Sumatra are the only place where these gentle, intelligent creatures live, and the cultivation of palm oil has directly led to the brutal deaths of thousands of individuals as the industry has expanded into previously undisturbed areas of rainforest.

    When the forest is cleared, every living creature is captured or killed. Adult orangutans are shot on sight. These peaceful, sentient beings are beaten, burned, mutilated, tortured and often eaten. Babies are literally torn off their dying mothers so they can be sold on the black market as illegal pets to wealthy families who see them as status symbols of their own power and prestige. This has been documented time and again.

    If nothing is done to protect orangutans, they will be extinct in just a few years. Visit the Orangutan Outreach website to learn more: http://www.redapes.org Richard Zimmerman

    Home – Orangutan Outreach
    How Can I Help?1. Adopt2. Donate3. Shop4. Reach Out

  3. Bob Nall says

    Jennifer, your priorities are really messed up. You put monkeys and gorillas ahead of humans? And, as for the climate change garbage, get real. What is happening arund the world is the natural cycle of mother nature.

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