Dr Oz Plus Size Models Secrets to Slim Your Arms, Face, Butt & Legs


Dr. OZ: Plus-Size Models Share Their Secrets

Today on “Dr. Oz,” plus-size models Emme, Lizzie Miller, and Denise Bidot stopped by to share some of their best secrets on looking great without being a size Zero. These three beautiful women have all built successful careers without giving in to the unrealistic pressures of the modeling world, and now they can teach you how to look your best, too!

Dr. Oz: Plus-Size Model Emme

Melissa Aronson, known by her moniker Emme, is currently the highest earning plus-size model in the industry. She has also been a television host and a writer, with best-selling books such as True Beauty—Positive Attitudes & Practical Tips from the World’s Leading Plus Size Model, which was published in 1997. She talked with Dr. Oz about many misconceptions about plus-size models, such as the assumption that they are out of shape. Sixty-two percent of American women are a size 12 or above, and Emme explained, “We’re not trying to be something that we’re not. We represent all women of any size.” She did, however, admit that she was not fond of her stomach, although she is now more confident about all aspects of her shape.


Slimming Secrets

Plus-Size models reveal their best slimming secrets on "Dr. Oz"

Dr Oz: Plus-Size Model Lizzie Miller

Lizzie Miller gained lots of media attention after Glamour Magazine published a picture in 2009 of the model which flaunted her thin but imperfect figure; it featured a roll of tummy fat that most women carry around! The photo caused a huge uproar, with some saying that Lizzie was “too fat,” but others calling her a role model. Now, Lizzie says, she finally feels confident that she knows how to dress herself after years of modeling and practice.

Dr. Oz: Plus-Sized Model Denise Bidot

Denise Bidot has graced the pages of magazines such as USA Today and Glamour. She is originally from Miami, FL, and is a proud size 14. She used to dislike her wide hips, but has now grown to love them: for one, they make her waist looks smaller! Denise revealed that it is sometimes to figure out how to wear the latest trends and still make them work on your body type. She suggests sticking to one trend that works on you, but always staying true to your shape.


Hear are some products suggested by Denise, Emme, and Lizzie that will slim your arms, face, butt and legs:

Alison Raffaele Transparent Finish Review

Dr. Alison Raffaele Transparent Finish is a setting powder that Emme swears by. It is part of a vegan line of cosmetics, so you can feel good about using it, too! She suggests taking the powder and sweeping it along your T-Zone and underneath your eye in order to give a highlighting effect. Additionally, a little on the chin and down the neck does wonders to slim your face.

Lancome Star Bronzer Review

Lancome’s Star Bronzer is an oil-free bronze that can help shape your face in order to hide a double chin. Lizzie uses it on her jawline and chin, but reminded that you must blend to keep the look natural.

Anastasia Brow Pencil & Highlighter Review

For Denise, Anastasia Brow Pencil & Highlighter is her go-to face slimming product. With well-defined brows, you can draw some attention away from other areas of your face that you might not love. Denise runs the pencil right under the eyebrow and then blends.

Benefit Glimmering Body Balm Review

Benefit Glimmering Body Balm is something that can help out your arms if they are not so toned. Emme uses it by rubbing it into her skin, highlighting the more-defined areas of her arm.

Dolman Sleeves Slim Arms

Dolman style sleeves are a butterfly-style sleeve that help Lizzie slim her arms. It is a chic yet practical way to hide a part of the body that you may not love. Look for Dolman sleeves when purchasing your next top!

Chantelle T-shirt Bra Review

Chantelle T-Shirt Bra is a slimming bra that will help streamline your upper body, including your arms and torso. Undergarments are the secret products that Denise loves for enhancing her better features and hiding her flaws.

Not Your Daughter’s Jeans Review

The brand of jeans that Emme wears are Not Your Daughter’s Jeans. She suggest a capri or cropped style, because they allow you to show a little skin while still remaining slim and trim.

Black Leggings Slim Butt & Legs

Black Leggings are Lizzie’s secret to a slimmer butt! Wear leggings, or opaque tights, with a black boot or a black heel. This will create the illusion of longer legs and streamline your whole look.

American Apparel Easy Jean Review

Denise recommends high-waisted jeans, which help to control the tummy and butt area. She loves American Apparel’s Easy Jeans, because they are comfortable and slimming. They are her one must-have for her closet.

Use all of these great plus-size model tips in order to enhance your own beauty!


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