Dr Oz: Plant-Based Water + Aloe, Maple & Artichoke Water Claims


Dr Oz: Plant-Enhanced Water

Dr Oz said “shoppers are drowning in a tidal wave of new waters” but he wanted to know if plant waters were really all they’re cracked up to be in his segment “Hot or Not.”

Coconut Water started to become popular ten years ago and now there are all kinds of plant-based water from maple and birch, to aloe, cactus, ginger, and artichoke. Celebrities are endorsing the super waters and consumers are buying them. More than $400 million was spent on “earth-enhanced” waters just last year. Some brands promise benefits like hydration, nutrition. digestion, and even weight loss. But the water can cost anywhere from $2-6 a bottle, which makes Dr Oz want to know if they’re truly worth it.


Dr Oz: Aloe Water

Dr Oz: Plant-Based Water + Aloe, Maple & Artichoke Water Claims

Dr Oz took a closer look at plant-based waters to find out if they’re truly beneficial or just false claims. (tessawatson / flickr)

Dr Oz had four women sit at his “water bar” to try out the various waters. Jennifer tried aloe water and said it had a tropical yet neutral taste. The claims are the aloe water can help with digestion and constipation, particularly in those with irritable bowel syndrome or who are pregnant. Jennifer said it hasn’t affected her in that way, but it has proven to be very hydrating.

As for whether it’s hot or not, aloe water is voted a not! There haven’t been any long-term studies to prove that it helps with digestion.


Dr Oz: Birch Water For Weight Loss?

Karen tried birch water and said she was actually surprised by how mellow the flavor was. She said it was sort of fruity and didn’t taste like bark. The claims are that birch water is good for weight loss, dental hygiene, and lowering cholesterol. Again, this water is a not, because if you have too much of this water you can experience bloating and diarrhea.

Dr Oz: Artichoke Water Benefits

Next they looked at artichoke water, which reportedly tasted sweet and refreshing. Eating an artichoke is great because of the folate and antioxidants. The claim is that artichoke water can give you a vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant boost. As for whether it’s hot or not, it’s hot, because it’s just like eating an artichoke but a lot easier.

Dr Oz: Maple Water For Vitamins & Minerals

Lastly, Dr Oz looked at maple water and the woman who tried it described it as “woodsy” and as if she was eating a leaf. Maple water can reportedly help with your immune system, and bone strength, as well as sugar control. Dr Oz agreed with the woman’s description. It’s also hot, because it contains vitamins and minerals that you may not be getting in your diet.

Have you tried any of these waters? Do you plan on trying any of them?

Dr Oz: Salad Artwork

At the end of his show, Dr Oz said eating a salad doesn’t have to be boring. He showed artwork from a creative salad maker. He used salad to create art that looked just like a famous painting. Dr Oz thought it would try, so he used some food to create a heart and some dressing to sign his name.


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